Lineage Labs, Inc. Articles

March 17, 2016PR NewswirePress Release

Bevy Can Now Save, Store and Share Every Video Your Family Shoots

BOSTON, March 17, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Most videos taken by families are enjoyed once, maybe twice, b... See more »
November 16, 2015OHGIZMO!News

Bevy Aims To Be Your Central Image Storage Solution

You've been taking pics on your smartphone for years, and more recently you've started with the iPad,... See more »
October 28, 2015PR NEWSWIREPress Release

The Bevy American Image Index Reveals Photo-Loving American Millennials Take At Least Six Selfies Every Single Day

BOSTON, Oct. 28, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- With autumn in full colorful swing and Halloween fast approachi... See more »
October 13, 2015PR NEWSWIREPress Release

Lineage Labs Launches Bevy, a Smart Photo System Designed for Families

BOSTON, Oct. 13, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Lineage Labs today announced the availability of Bevy, a smart ... See more »
February 27, 2015STORAGENEWSLETTERNews

Lineage Labs Introducing Bevy, Home Device Wirelessly Collecting and Protecting Photo and Video

Lineage Labs, Inc. introduced Bevy, a product designed to solve the digital disorder that exists for ... See more »
February 21, 2015THE NEXT WEBNews

Bevy wants to organize and protect your family's photo collection

In the never ending quest to take control of our vast and proliferating photo collections, a new hard... See more »
February 19, 2015SLASHGEARNews

Bevy lets you create a private network for sharing pics, videos

Your family is probably spread out over a city, or state - possibly even a country, or continents. Sh... See more »
February 19, 2015PCMAGNews

Easily Store, Share Family Pics With Bevy

Bevy lets every member of the family connect wirelessly for easy, centralized access to photos, video... See more »
February 18, 2015BOSTINNONews

Boston-Made Bevy Is a Device To Better Organize Your Visual Memories

Today, we have a range of devices to take, store and share photos and videos. While that capability m... See more »

Lineage Labs launches Bevy, a device that automatically stores digital photos, video for your family

Lineage Labs, a Boston startup that recently raised $4 million in seed funding, officially launched i... See more »
February 18, 2015TECHCRUNCHNews

Backed By $4 Million, Bevy Debuts A Photo And Video Storage Solution The Whole Family Can Share

Families today often have more photo-taking devices than family members, which has led to the problem... See more »
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