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August 1, 2020Leesia Teh Photography BlogBlog

Dino & Sambo

I can't believe it's been EIGHT years since I photographed this gorgeous family! Dino, the yellow lab... See more »
October 23, 2019Leesia Teh Photography BlogBlog

Spike & Riley

Spike and Riley are littermate miniature poodle brothers who were perfect models. As soon as they saw... See more »
June 7, 2019Leesia Teh Photography BlogBlog

PeaPod & Smuckers

These two cuties were adopted earlier this year and are settling into their new home perfectly! They ... See more »
April 13, 2019Leesia Teh Photography BlogBlog

Bailey, Icey & Nimbus

These three make quite the trio. Bailey is the old man with the black on both ears, and Icey almost l... See more »
March 8, 2019Leesia Teh Photography BlogBlog

Eli & Lily

It's been three years in the making, but I finally got to meet corgis Eli and Lily! They are polar op... See more »
March 5, 2019Leesia Teh Photography BlogBlog

Smokey & Pete

Mutts are the best! There are so many unique and beautiful mixes, and Smokey and Pete are no exceptio... See more »
December 14, 2018Leesia Teh Photography BlogBlog

Maggie & Zara

Maggie just turned seven years old this week, and we celebrated with a photo shoot! (Her sister Zara,... See more »
September 7, 2018Leesia Teh Photography BlogBlog

Molly & Riley

Molly and Riley, aka The Beans, are downright ridiculous! Molly can show more expressions on her face... See more »
July 8, 2018Leesia Teh Photography BlogBlog

Graceland & Sully

Beautiful Graceland has to have an eye removed, so we scheduled a session as quickly as we could so h... See more »
April 14, 2018Leesia Teh Photography BlogBlog

Ethel, Figgy &, Chica

I had the honor of photographing Ethel eight years ago, when her brothers were a beagle mix and two c... See more »
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