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February 12, 2020travolutionNews

Rail operator Thalys integrates with Karhoo for first and last mile transport service

European high-speed train operator Thalys has selected mobility exchange platform Karhoo to power its... See more »
February 3, 2020FLEETEUROPENews

Karhoo appoints Edmund Read as COO

Karhoo, the global mobility exchange platform for taxi and private hire fleets, has announced the app... See more »
January 30, 2020TravolutionNews

Karhoo hires marketplace growth knowhow from food delivery app Just East

Ground transportation intermediary hired former group operations director of fast food delivery app... See more »
January 22, 2020TravolutionNews

Hoppa integrates Karhoo to extend transfers comparison website's global reach

Transfers comparison website hoppa has struck a deal with global mobility platform Karhoo to extend i... See more »
November 8, 2019TravolutionNews

Karhoo announces partnership with Spanish rail operator Renfe

Taxi and private hire firm to provide first and last mile transport... See more »
October 18, 2019TravolutionNews

Mobility marketplace Karhoo to expand into the Nordics

Karhoo will enable local fleets to increase their visibility to the growing tourist market... See more »
October 2, 2019TravolutionNews

Karhoo to provide vehicles for mobility-as-a-service specialist Iomob

Service enables partners to offer ground transportation under their own brands... See more »
August 8, 2019Fleet NewsNews

Karhoo partners with iVcardo to expand global first and last mile travel offer

Mobility platform Karhoo is expanding its first- and last-mile offering globally, through a new partn... See more »
May 24, 2019TravolutionNews

SNCF launches 'first and last mile' rail transfer service with Karhoo

'Mon Chauffeur' service available via app and website... See more »
April 18, 2019International Fleet WorldNews

Karhoo expands mobility platform with Carey Chauffeur Services

Karhoo has expanded its taxi/PHV app booking platform with chauffeur car services from Carey. The par... See more »
October 28, 2016Karhoo BlogBlog


Today's employment tribunal ruling that Uber drivers are entitled to holiday pay, maternity leave and... See more »
October 20, 2016Karhoo BlogBlog

F A B! ThunderCabs are Go this weekend in old London town

Karhoo blog post outlining the Thunderbirds Are Go promotion on October 22/23 in London.... See more »
October 19, 2016Karhoo BlogBlog

Car makers don't want to suffer the fate of PC makers. But they need to hurry

Karhoo blog post exploring the difference between software and cars, and the danger that cars will be... See more »
October 18, 2016Karhoo BlogBlog

Drivers still not ready for autonomous vehicles - new study

Most drivers not happy to share the road with driverless cars, survey shows - and not many would be w... See more »
October 14, 2016Karhoo BlogBlog

Flying cabs: Are we nearly there yet?

Karhoo blog post looking at the state of play in flying cars and the prospect of flying cabs in the n... See more »
October 13, 2016Karhoo BlogBlog

'Killer clowns': No match for a 45-year-old cab dispatcher mum

Video showing cab dispatcher Rita scaring a scary clown out of her office late at night.... See more »
October 11, 2016Karhoo BlogBlog

The first driverless cabs in public trials on UK roads? No, actually

They aren't driverless, the public can't ride in them and they aren't going on the road. Yes, it's an... See more »
October 10, 2016Karhoo BlogBlog

Green car technology: Cabs use it a LOT more

Karhoo blog post pointing out the popularity of hybrid cars among cab owners. This, of course, means ... See more »
October 7, 2016Karhoo BlogBlog

The great tech bubble ... of the 1900s

Blog post describing the early history of electric cars in America during the first years of the 20th... See more »
October 6, 2016Karhoo BlogBlog

The Era of the Electric Vehicle has Been and Gone

Blog post covering the early history of EVs in Britain in the late 1890s. Electric cabs are set to re... See more »
September 30, 2016Bulldog ReporterPress Release

Ride-Booking App Karhoo Engages Cohn & Wolfe for U.S. Launch

Cohn & Wolfe has been named agency of record by ride comparison and booking app Karhoo. Cohn & Wolfe ... See more »
June 30, 2016Karhoo Youtube ChannelVideo

"No surge pricing. Ever." on YOUTUBE

June 30, 2016Karhoo Youtube ChannelVideo

"Choose upfront pricing" on YOUTUBE

June 30, 2016Karhoo Youtube ChannelVideo

"Pre-book your cab with Karhoo" on YOUTUBE

June 30, 2016Karhoo Youtube ChannelVideo

"Choose from thousands of cabs" on YOUTUBE

May 23, 2016Karhoo Youtube ChannelVideo

"Karhoo, the cab comparison app" on YOUTUBE

May 9, 2016Karhoo Youtube ChannelVideo

"Here comes your Karhoo" on YOUTUBE

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