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May 13, 2020Hra Studios Vimeo ChannelVideo

"I Won't Back Down REALLY FINAL" on VIMEO

April 2, 2020Hra Studios Vimeo ChannelVideo

"George and Dhani Harrison #innerlight2020" on VIMEO

I threw this together last night, so that Dhani and his Dad are together. Hopefully you can join them... See more »
March 30, 2020Hra Studios Vimeo ChannelVideo

"Charles Bradley "Changes" with Drew Deascentis (slide) and Matt Wilczynski (B3)" on VIMEO

Added slide guitar and more present B3 Organ to this amazing cover of Black Sabbath's "Changes" by Ch... See more »
February 14, 2020Hra Studios Vimeo ChannelVideo

"Star Wars G" on VIMEO

Cast: Imagine Music & Arts Partnership... See more »
February 11, 2020Hra Studios Vimeo ChannelVideo

"Wormtown horns complete with temp solos" on VIMEO

Cast: HRA Studios... See more »
November 27, 2019Hra Studios Vimeo ChannelVideo

"AMPP Imagine Map "Come Together" Marching Band Mix" on VIMEO

On November 10th 2019, Imagine Music and Arts Partnership alumni and friends collaborated worldwide t... See more »
November 11, 2019Hra Studios Vimeo ChannelVideo

"Marching Band Proposal" on VIMEO

Cast: HRA Studios... See more »
November 1, 2019Hra Studios Vimeo ChannelVideo


THIS is what AMPP and MHS Band will play along to at Nov 10th event. 88 BPM/DmCast: HRA Studios... See more »
October 31, 2019Hra Studios Vimeo ChannelVideo

"Come Together 4th Pass" on VIMEO

Added Derek, fixed logos front/back - More cowbellCast: HRA Studios... See more »
September 10, 2019Hra Studios Vimeo ChannelVideo

"Star View Adolescent Center Kids Visit Virgin Orbit" on VIMEO

In September of 2019, HRA Studios and Foundation treated some young Rocket Scientists-to be from Star... See more »
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