Halo Waypoint Articles

May 31, 2020PC GamerNews

Halo 3 testing to begin in early June, here are the details

That's actually tomorrow. But not literally tomorrow. Conceptually tomorrow.... See more »
May 19, 2020GamingBoltNews

Halo Infinite - Recent Leak Confirmed Fake by 343 Industries

Community manager John Junyszek says to "only trust messaging from official Halo channels."... See more »
May 11, 2020Esports InsiderNews

HCS partners with FACEIT for Halo MCC Pro Series

Halo Championship Series (HCS) has partnered with event organiser FACEIT to launch the Halo MCC Pro S... See more »
May 11, 2020USA Science NewsNews

Love Halo? You could win up to $250 in Microsoft's new virtual Halo 2 tournament

If you love playing Halo competitively (and can't wait for Halo Infinite), there's a new esports tour... See more »
May 6, 2020WMPoweruserNews

Halo 5 players reached over $430,000 for COVID-19 relief

Halo 5 players have successfully raised over $430,000 for the Global Giving Coronavirus Relief Fund. ... See more »
May 5, 2020DualShockersNews

Halo Infinite is Reiterated to be Releasing this Holiday Alongside the Xbox Series X

343 Industries is still planning to launch Halo Infinite later this holiday season in tandem with the... See more »
April 14, 2020GamerRadarNews

The latest Halo Infinite dev diary is all about weird vehicle sound effects

That is a very large tractor... See more »
April 14, 2020IGN IndiaNews

Halo 5 Has Raised Over $200,000 for COVID-19 Aid

Halo 5: Guardians has recently added a premium DLC pack named Relief and Recovery REQ pack, which con... See more »
March 12, 2020GamingBoltNews

Combat Evolved Anniversary PC Review - Master Chief Is Back

343 Industries surprised Halo fans with an unannounced release for their latest addition to The Maste... See more »
March 10, 2020USgamerNews

New Halo Novel Will Be the First Major Story Beat Between Halo 5 and Infinite

The game-related novel is a very weird niche, offering prose companions to some of your favorite vide... See more »
February 19, 2020Halo Waypoint Youtube ChannelVideo

"343 Industries & Esports Engine Partnership Announce" on YOUTUBE

January 30, 2020Halo Waypoint Youtube ChannelVideo

"We Are 343 Industries" on YOUTUBE

January 21, 2020Halo Waypoint Youtube ChannelVideo

"ONI Archive - Noble Endeavors | Halo: Reach" on YOUTUBE

October 24, 2019Halo Waypoint Youtube ChannelVideo

"HCS 5 Year Anniversary: Renegades vs Team Allegiance" on YOUTUBE

June 8, 2017GamasutraPress Release

Halo Championship Series - new details

New details emerge about the upcoming schedule.... See more »
May 4, 2017EIN PresswirePress Release

Open Circuit

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, May 5, 2017 / -- LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - Millennial Es... See more »
November 25, 2015Business WirePress Release

Sandboxr, 3D Systems, and 343 Industries Team up to Introduce Customizable 3D Printed Halo Spartans to Fans Worldwide

SALT LAKE CITY--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today, Sandboxr, 3D Systems and 343 Industries launched the first cu... See more »
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