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September 22, 2021Get That Trend BlogBlog

From Couture to Toujours: Autumn Winter 2021 Trends

Every year we get major envy watching fashion week footage and every year I tell myself "I'm not putt... See more »
September 21, 2021Get That Trend BlogBlog

Building your capsule wardrobe!

Girls, we've been having an identity crisis here in GTT! Is it just us or does anybody else dress com... See more »
September 20, 2021Get That Trend BlogBlog

70's Jeans Are On The Rise!

We've been loving seeing all things 70's fashion coming back in! From warm toned browns, to our favou... See more »
September 19, 2021Get That Trend BlogBlog

How To Style Oversized Clothes!

After spending the best part of the past 2 years in lockdown, we've found a new appreciation for so m... See more »
September 18, 2021Get That Trend BlogBlog

The Perfect Way To Dress Your Favourite Tops Up Or Down!

"Jeans and a nice top" has become such an iconic saying. It's our go-to when it comes to a night out,... See more »
September 17, 2021Get That Trend BlogBlog

#Trending: Celebrity Trends That Are Giving Us Major Style Envy!

It's official, Y2K fashion is well and truly on the way back...and it's bringing baggy jeans with it!... See more »
September 16, 2021Get That Trend BlogBlog

Make Your Co-Workers Green With Envy In These Back To Work Outfits!

After months of working from home, we're all finally back in the office, back to days of lunchtime de... See more »
September 14, 2021Get That Trend BlogBlog

The Brushes You Need For Your New Beauty Routine

It's official, our makeup routines are ready for an update! And with a new makeup routine comes new b... See more »
September 14, 2021Get That Trend BlogBlog

The Perfect Dresses For Covering Your Tummy!

Ladies, hands up who's conscious of their tummy, I know I am! This can be such a hurdle when it comes... See more »
September 13, 2021Get That Trend BlogBlog

The Pieces You Need For The High-Low Fashion Trend

With so many occasions going on right now, we've began to see our own wardrobes fill up with pretty o... See more »
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