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July 23, 2021Euranet Plus - Official Youtube ChannelVideo

"Euranet Plus Press Club #12: Fit for 55. First reactions" on YOUTUBE

December 16, 2016Euranet Plus - Official BlogBlog

EU mobilizes mainly when it is obliged to repair disasters – by Luca Jahier

The EU mobilises mainly when it is obliged to repair disasters, says Luca Jahier, President of Group ... See more »
October 27, 2016Euranet Plus - Official BlogBlog

Brexit lesson learned: Ambitious EU budget needed – Jens Geier

The European Parliament decided this Wednesday (October 26) with a broad majority in the plenary vote... See more »
September 15, 2016Euranet Plus - Official BlogBlog

EU must walk away from the Agreement on Migration with Turkey – Barbara Lochbihler

To break off or not to break off? When looking at the current developments in Turkey, the question in... See more »
December 22, 2015Euranet Plus - Official BlogBlog

Brexit: Threats and opportunities – by Michal Boni

I want to be in the European Union with Great Britain. There is no possibility to ensure and develop ... See more »
December 18, 2015Euranet Plus - Official BlogBlog

COP21: A historic agreement, a new path for our societies – by Gilles Pargneaux

On December 12, 2015, 195 countries reached a major climate agreement, thereby relegating the failure... See more »
November 5, 2015Euranet Plus - Official BlogBlog

Greece: Staying the course – by Pierre Moscovici

I just spent two days in Athens to continue discussions with the Greek authorities, as important dead... See more »
November 3, 2015Euranet Plus - Official BlogBlog

How will the EU deal with post-election Turkey? – by Marc Pierini

Turkey’s legislative election on November 1 took place in an extremely tense atmosphere. On the one h... See more »
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