Dedrone Articles

October 7, 2020UAS VisionNews

Dedrone Receives $12.1M Funding from TempoCap

Dedrone, a provider of airspace security, which protects organizations from malicious drones announce... See more »
October 1, 2020Venture Capital JournalNews

Dedrone picks up $12.1m

San Francisco-based Dedrone, an airspace security company, has secured $12.1 million in funding.... See more »
September 24, 2020Directions MagazinePress Release

Dedrone Introduces Next Generation of Drone Detection Sensor

SAN FRANCSISCO - September 23, 2020, Dedrone, the market leader in airspace security, today announced... See more »
September 9, 2020UAS VisionNews

General Dynamics Mission Systems Partners with Dedrone

General Dynamics Missions Systems and Dedrone have announced their strategic counter-drone partnershi... See more »
August 7, 2020SDM MagazineNews

Dedrone Announces New CEO, Aaditya Devarakonda

Devarakonda joined Dedrone's advisory team in 2019, then formally joined the company as president and... See more »
June 3, 2020Martech SeriesNews

Dedrone and BlackBerry Partner to Counter Unauthorized Drone Activity

BlackBerry Limited announced it has partnered with Dedrone, a market and technology leader in airspac... See more »
January 16, 2020Financial NewsNews

Dedrone unveils RF-160 radio frequency sensor

Dedrone, a global provider of counter-sUAS capabilities, has announced the release of its radio frequ... See more »
December 15, 2019Security World MarketNews

Counter-drone technology gains UK approval

Airspace security technology specialist Dedrone has been awarded certification from the UK s Centre f... See more »
December 12, 2019asmagNews

UK CPNI approves Dedrone Technology for sUAS detection

Dedrone has been awarded certification from the UK’s Centre for the Protection of National Infrastruc... See more »
December 5, 2019Financial NewsNews

Dedrone counter sUAS technology accessible through GSA

Dedrone has announced a partnership with Securityhunter, Inc., which will provide US government agenc... See more »
November 13, 2019Financial NewsNews

Dedrone names VP of Defense Solutions to lead sUAS defeat programs

Dedrone, a counter-drone technology and airspace security company, has announced it has hired former ... See more »
September 16, 2019PR NewswirePress Release

Dedrone Statement on Saudi Aramco Drone Attacks

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Saudi Aramco continues to respond to drone attacks to t... See more »
August 28, 2019PR NewswirePress Release

Air Force Base Selects Dedrone for Small UAS Threat Tracking and Defense Solution

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Dedrone, the leading provider in small UAS (sUAS) detect... See more »
July 30, 2018Directions MagazinePress Release

Dedrone Publishes Third Edition of the Airspace Security Report

Dedrone Publishes Third Edition of the Airspace Security ReportThe third edition of the Airspace Secu... See more »
May 3, 2018Directions MagazinePress Release

Dedrone and the University of North Dakota to Advance Counterdrone and Airspace Safety Research

Dedrone, the market and technology leader in airspace security, announced today a partnership with th... See more »
April 25, 2018Directions MagazinePress Release

Dedrone to Test its Technology Protecting Military Installations from Adversarial Drones

Dedrone to Test its Technology Protecting Military Installations from Adversarial DronesDrone Detecti... See more »
August 23, 2017BlackbirdPress Release

Battelle's DroneDefender Joins Forces with Dedrone

COLUMBUS, Ohio-(BUSINESS WIRE)-Battelle's DroneDefender defeats drones. Dedrone's platform alerts to ... See more »
May 23, 2017Directions MagazinePress Release

Drone Detection Startup Dedrone Expands Operations to Government Services Industry

San Francisco - Dedrone, a security company that developed the world's first software to detect drones... See more »
September 14, 2016Dedrone Youtube ChannelVideo

"This Drone Has Claws YouTube" on YOUTUBE

August 19, 2016Dedrone Youtube ChannelVideo

"Demo DroneTracker" on YOUTUBE

October 27, 2015BUSINESS WIREPress Release

Dedrone Adds Significant Enhancements to DroneTracker System

KASSEL, Germany & CHARLESTON, West Virginia--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dedrone announced today that the world'... See more »
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