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November 16, 2020Craft Resumes BlogBlog

How to List Publications on a Resume

When applying for jobs in an academic or scientific field, it is essential to list your publications.... See more »
November 13, 2020Craft Resumes BlogBlog

What Should The Margins Be On A Resume

You can easily forget to take into consideration the margin on your resume. Most people make this gro... See more »
November 11, 2020Craft Resumes BlogBlog

How to List Freelance Work on Resume

In case you were always working 9/5, creating a top-notch resume from scratch might not be problemati... See more »
November 11, 2020Craft Resumes BlogBlog

How Many Pages Should a Resume Be

Writing the perfect resume is often the first step to getting your dream job. You need this document ... See more »
November 10, 2020Craft Resumes BlogBlog

Keywords to use when Writing a Resume

A good resume is the difference between getting a call-back for an interview or ending up in a pile w... See more »
November 10, 2020Craft Resumes BlogBlog

How to Include Certifications in Resume

Introduction A resume is a concise summary of skills, qualifications, and achievements. A good resume... See more »
November 10, 2020Craft Resumes BlogBlog

How to Make a Resume Header

Your resume is made up of different sections, none more important than the other. As a result, it is ... See more »
November 9, 2020Craft Resumes BlogBlog

How To Put References On A Resume

Attaching references on a resume requires more than what most job-seeking individuals know today. Thi... See more »
October 12, 2020Craft Resumes BlogBlog

The Perfect Logo Design Tips for Knowmads

The term knowmad isn’t quite new, but even so knowmads are the now and the future in a number of sect... See more »
October 2, 2020Picante TodayNews

CraftResumes Offers Top-Notch Resume Writing Packages for All Customers

Tallinn, Estonia, Oct. 02, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - CraftResumes is one of the top resume writing serv... See more »
June 25, 2020EIN PresswirePress Release Launches New Affordable Career Coaching and Consulting Services

New feature, namely career and interview coaching, as well as career consulting. All job seekers can ... See more »
June 25, 2020Craft Resumes BlogBlog

The secret to a simple CV application form for candidates

CV is the first base to help you introduce yourself to employers. At the same time, CV is also an imp... See more »
May 7, 2020WebWirePress Release

CraftResumes Launches Updated Affordable Packages For All Customers

Fresh from graduate school, have the moderate experience, or a shark in the business game? Not to wor... See more »
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