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September 14, 2016Blue Sense Networks BlogBlog

Can marketing ever really master omnichannel? (Clue: yes, if they buy a ton of beacons)

Mastering omnichannel marketing is the dream, the holy grail, the ultimate goal, and plenty other ter... See more »
August 24, 2016Blue Sense Networks BlogBlog

How live data from beacons can improve your CRM strategy

Plugging in all the live beacon-data from your physical business's locations directly into your CRM s... See more »
August 15, 2016Blue Sense Networks BlogBlog

How loyalty apps are driving in-store purchases

Let's take a few minutes to pour over some beacon-related research that will help underscore just how... See more »
August 2, 2016Blue Sense Networks BlogBlog

Pokémon GO, millennials and proximity marketing's big breakthrough

Don't panic, that headline isn't just an excuse to cram every marketing buzzword possible into one se... See more »
July 19, 2016Blue Sense Networks BlogBlog

32 Charts, stats & quotes that prove you need to invest in proximity marketing in 2016

Given that blueSense sells iBeacon hardware and management software, it won't be too much of a surpri... See more »
July 16, 2016Blue Sense Networks BlogBlog

How are iBeacons going to affect search marketing?

I originally published this post over on Search Engine Watch, but I thought it might be of interest t... See more »
July 5, 2016Blue Sense Networks BlogBlog

How can beacons improve your next live event?

The sporting industry has been one of the quickest to adopt iBeacons. In the US, the NFL and MLB have... See more »
June 22, 2016Blue Sense Networks BlogBlog

Using iBeacons to create unique customer experiences: An Edgelands case study

Recently the blueSense team took a trip to London's Barbican Centre to check out Edgelands, a new au... See more »
June 14, 2016Blue Sense Networks BlogBlog

Keeping track of people with beacons: Privacy, relevancy and optimisation

Recently we've been talking about using beacons to track assets, but it's worth remembering that in m... See more »
June 8, 2016Blue Sense Networks BlogBlog

How can beacons help with asset tracking and management?

When we talk about beacon deployment, there's a tendency to focus on consumer-facing applications. Re... See more »

AroundThen and Blue Sense Networks showcase latest proximity technology at the GROW @ Green Park Innovation Hub

A collaboration between AroundThen, the proximity based business networking app and Blue Sense Networ... See more »
February 14, 2015Blue Sense Networks Youtube ChannelVideo

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