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November 16, 2020DualShockersNews

Gamedec Developers Take a Deep Dive Into Character Creation

Gamedec is an upcoming isometric RPG from Anshar Studios. The latest deep dive explains some of the o... See more »
October 13, 2020Anshar Studios Youtube ChannelVideo

"[ENG] ukasz Hacura - Interview about Anshar Studios" on YOUTUBE

September 29, 2020Anshar Studios Youtube ChannelVideo

"Observer System Redux - New Quest Gameplay" on YOUTUBE

September 15, 2020Anshar Studios Youtube ChannelVideo

"Gamedec: Kickstarter Recap - Tips & Tricks" on YOUTUBE

September 1, 2020Nintendo LifeNews

Cyberpunk RPG Gamedec Is Hacking Into Your Nintendo Switch Next Year

Do you feel lucky, (cyber)punk?Anshar Studios has confirmed that its forthcoming isometric cyberpunk ... See more »
August 30, 2020Anshar Studios Youtube ChannelVideo

"Gamedec: Gamescom 2020 dev stream" on YOUTUBE

August 29, 2020VGChartzNews

Gamedec is a Non-Combat Cyberpunk Isometric RPG, Launches in 2021 for Switch

Developer Anshar Studios announced the single-player non-combat cyberpunk isometric RPG, Gamedec, wil... See more »
June 11, 2020Anshar Studios Youtube ChannelVideo

"Gamedec - Complexity of Branching | Dev-Diary" on YOUTUBE

June 6, 2020Anshar Studios Youtube ChannelVideo

"#hot16challenge2 by Anshar Studios" on YOUTUBE

April 23, 2020GamasutraPress Release

Gamedec is the 3rd most successful Kickstarter campaign among 150 campaigns run by Polish game developers!

Kickstarter pile o' money keeps growing.... See more »
April 7, 2020GamasutraPress Release

The Days Long Gone, after reaching $100,000 mark on Kickstarter

$100,000 on Kickstarter means they found a new world.... See more »
March 25, 2020GamasutraPress Release

Gamedec â€" a story-driven, cyberpunk RPG has just launched its Kickstarter campaign.

Kickstarter campaign begins for story-heavy cyberpunk RPG not set in the year 2077.... See more »
February 11, 2020DualShockersNews

Gamedec Developers Introduce Harvest Time, The Latest Virtual World for the Cyberpunk Detective Game

Gamedec from Anshar Studios is all about a detective exploring the secrets of different virtual world... See more »
February 7, 2020PC GamerNews

Cyberpunk RPG Gamedec reveals the first of its many virtual worlds

Cyberpunk meets the Wild West.... See more »
August 8, 2019WCCFtechNews

Gamedec Is an 'Adaptive Cyberpunk RPG' Where You'll Be a Detective Solving Crimes in Virtual Worlds

Gamedec is the latest game by Anshar Studios (Detached, Telefrag VR), announced today for a PC releas... See more »
July 16, 2019UploadVRNews

Multiplayer VR Shooter Telefrag To Get PSVR Aim Controller Support

Time to dust off the ol' Aim controller; Anshar Studios' Telefrag is set to support it. The developer... See more »
March 29, 2019TechRisticNews

Telefrag VR - Frantic Topsy Turvy Action

When it comes to online multiplayer shooters virtual reality (VR) gamers have got an interesting choi... See more »
March 28, 2019GamasutraPress Release

Telefrag VR is a fast-paced shooter with cross-platform multiplayer coming to Vive, Rift, and PS VR later this year. Calling all gamers to join the open beta!

Open beta begins, brings back memories of splatting people on teleport pads.... See more »
August 29, 2018vrboardNews

Telefrag - Testing Those VR Limits to the Max

Over the years virtual reality (VR) developers have learnt what’s comfortable and what’s not, tuning ... See more »
August 28, 2018Geeky GadgetsNews

VR Shooter Telefrag Alpha Teaser Trailer

Virtual reality game is looking to learn more about the upcoming new VR shooter Telefrag may be inter... See more »
June 6, 2018GamasutraPress Release

Detached to get a cross-platform PvP mode and a non-VR version on July 6th this year!

PvP mode playable cross-platform, also non-VR version in the works.... See more »
June 23, 2017PRLogPress Release

'Detached' gets a new game mode! Get yourself a gift and grab the game during the Steam Summer Sale!

Detached just got better with the newest update featuring Eagle Eye View, which gives players greater... See more »
May 23, 2017PRLogPress Release

The most incredible hardcore VR experience - Detached now on Steam and the Oculus Store!

Enter space and experience the intense and extraordinary world of Detached - the most immersive and h... See more »
April 18, 2017PRLogPress Release

Detached with official release date and story teaser trailer

Anshar Studios announce Detached release date in a new story teaser trailer. The game is coming out o... See more »
April 7, 2017PRLogPress Release

Explore outer space in Detached. Early Access version available on the Oculus store!

Anshar Studios is happy to announce the Early Access release of their PvP VR Experience game Detached... See more »
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