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April 18, 2019Addiction Hotline Atlanta BlogBlog

Stopping Bath Salt Addiction In Atlanta, Georgia

Bath salt (also known as monkey dust or synthetic cathinones) is a designer drug that is similar to t... See more »
March 16, 2019Addiction Hotline Atlanta BlogBlog

Seek Rehab Recovery With Valium Addiction Treatment In Atlanta, Georgia

Valium is a long-acting benzodiazepine and is typically prescribed to relieve seizures, muscle spasms... See more »
February 11, 2019Addiction Hotline Atlanta BlogBlog

Break Free From DXM Addiction In Atlanta, Georgia

The Food and Drug Administration approved DXM (Dextromethorphan) as an over the counter medication in... See more »
January 15, 2019Addiction Hotline Atlanta BlogBlog

Win The Fight Against Anabolic Steroid Addiction In Atlanta, Georgia

Many non-competitive male weightlifters abuse anabolic steroids. These individuals tend to be between... See more »
December 18, 2018Addiction Hotline Atlanta BlogBlog

How To Stop MDMA Addiction In Atlanta, Georgia

The stimulating effects of MDMA, or ecstasy as it is called in the streets, are what makes it a drug ... See more »
November 30, 2018Addiction Hotline Atlanta BlogBlog

Overcoming Opioid Addiction in Atlanta, Georgia

Vikes, Percs, and Oxy – these are some of the popular slang terms for opioids. The opioid epidemic in... See more »
November 15, 2018Addiction Hotline Atlanta BlogBlog

How To Tackle A Meth Addiction In Atlanta, Georgia

Also known as crystal meth, crystal methamphetamine can be used to describe a white crystalline drug.... See more »
November 3, 2018Addiction Hotline Atlanta BlogBlog

Get Help For Alcohol Addiction In Atlanta, Georgia!

Alcohol addiction is known by a couple of terms including alcohol dependence, alcoholism, and alcohol... See more »
May 27, 2014Addiction Hotline Atlanta BlogBlog

Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol rehab clinics аrе centres thаt offer уоu remedy, care аnd help tо mаnу whо wаnt tо stор consu... See more »
February 26, 2014Addiction Hotline Atlanta BlogBlog

Oxycodone Addiction Untreated Is Deadly

The point when Oxycodone was made in 1995, the producers felt that they were making moves to avoid de... See more »
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