Community-powered competitive intelligence

Owler delivers competitive insights directly from the source: reliable and knowledgeable business professionals. Our unique community-powered dataset gives you dynamic, real time intelligence on all your competitors, customers, and prospects.

A dynamic, organic dataset like nothing else

Most databases rely on inconsistent pulls of information from secondary sources. The result is data that’s out of date before you get it. It’s unreliable. It’s dead.
Owler is community-powered competitive intelligence. Every day, business professionals like you contribute knowledge, insights, and intelligence about the companies they work for and work with. Owler’s dataset is very much alive.
It’s timely, accurate and real-time.

A complete enterprise solution

Competitive Relationship Graph

Get a comprehensive view of your marketplace. See how companies compete on multiple levels, and understand competitive dynamics on over 11.2 million businesses.

Dynamic firmographics

Measure, track, and analyze dozens of dimensions that are updated in real time about any business—public and private. Eliminate noise, focus your resources and get results.

Content monitoring

Get real-time news and actionable business insights about the companies most relevant to your business. Help your company act on the most timely and relevant information.
active users per month
of Owler’s community is director-level or above
Owler’s community represents 96% of the Fortune 500

Everything you can do with Owler

Owler incorporates sophisticated AI and machine learning algorithms that discover meaning and enhance the value of our community-sourced data. It’s the world’s most active database on competitive business ecosystems.
  • Private Company Revenue Estimates
  • Private Company Employee Estimates
  • CEO Approval Rating
  • Company Overview
  • Top Competitors
  • Trending News
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Employee History
  • Acquisitions
  • Investments
  • News and Press Releases
  • Blog Posts
  • Videos
  • Website History
  • Social stats
  • Find your best customers

    Identify account clusters and target companies that are impossible to pinpoint using SIC or NAICS
  • Uncover total addressable market

    Find similar accounts by size, competitive distance, and industry focus
  • Score and prioritize the best leads

    Route inbound leads based on their proximity to existing accounts
  • Maximize ABM Efforts

    Drive revenue with relevant outreach
  • Unlock hidden opportunities

    Find insights in real time news and content feeds coupled with growth and performance data
  • Monitor individual company growth

    Discover key inflection points to ensure your company gets to the right audience at the right time
  • Supercharge your predictive models

    Uncover millions of unique data attributes sourced from business professionals just like you

Discover & enrich accounts in Salesforce with accurate, dynamic data

Make Owler your single source of truth

Our team finds new use cases for the rich Owler dataset every single day.
To learn more about everything Owler can do for you, schedule a call with an enterprise specialist today.