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Zensar Acquisitions

Zensar has acquired 10 companies and its latest acquisition was M3bi LLC on May 2021

M3bi LLC

May 2021

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M3bi is an Arizona-based IT company that provides services such as data engineering, business intelligence and analytics for businesses across the US and India.


M3bi Private Limited

May 2021

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Indigo Slate

Jul 2018

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Indigo Slate is a digital marketing agency that provides experience design, brand strategy and customer engagement solutions for businesses.
Cynosure, Inc.

Mar 2018

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Cynosure provides insurance support services including actuarial, competitive intelligence, data, management and regulatory compliance.
Keystone Logic

Mar 2017

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Keystone Logic is a digital supply chain company that helps retail and consumer brands with their order and warehouse management implementation.

Frequently Asked Questions about Zensar

  1. What companies did Zensar acquire?

    Companies acquired by Zensar include M3bi, and Indigo Slate
  2. How many acquisitions does Zensar have?

    Zensar has acquired 10 companies including M3bi, and Indigo Slate.
  1. How many acquisitions did Zensar make in 2021?

    In 2021 Zensar acquired 2 companies including M3bi and .