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Boele de Bie's photo - General Manager of Xsens Technologies B.V.

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Boele de Bie

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PrivateSubsidiary of mCube, Inc.









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Yost Labs is Xsens Technologies B.V.'s biggest rival. Yost Labs was founded in Portsmouth, Ohio} in 2012. Like Xsens Technologies B.V., Yost Labs also competes in the Technology Hardware sector. Compared to Xsens Technologies B.V., Yost Labs generates $16.9M less revenue.

Polhemus is Xsens Technologies B.V.'s #2 rival. Polhemus's headquarters is in Colchester, Vermont, and was founded in 1969. Like Xsens Technologies B.V., Polhemus also competes in the Technology Hardware space. Polhemus generates 21% of Xsens Technologies B.V.'s revenue.

OptiTrack is Xsens Technologies B.V.'s #3 competitor. OptiTrack was founded in 1996 in Corvallis, Oregon. Like Xsens Technologies B.V., OptiTrack also works within the Technology Hardware sector. OptiTrack generates $11M more revenue than Xsens Technologies B.V..

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Xsens Technologies B.V. News

March 23, 2021VentureBeat

Allied Esports teams up with Xsens for mocapped shoutcasters for esports

Xsens will provide motion-capture suits for shoutcasters for esports events at Allied Esports Enterta... See more »
January 13, 2021Animation Magazine

Xsens Launching MotionCloud for MVN at CES with Beta

Xsens, the leading innovator in inertial motion tracking technology for 3D character animation, sport... See more »
December 24, 2020iGaming Times

BetConstruct Harnesses Xsens' MoCap Technology for Virtual Sports

With the major sports deferral during the pandemic, Virtual Sports was one of the several online vert... See more »
May 15, 2020Animation Magazine

Xsens Launches 'HomeCap' Campaign to Support At-Home MoCap Artists

With major studios transitioning to home-based motion-capture during lockdown, leading motion-capture... See more »
May 11, 2020Electronics Media

Xsens Launches MTi-680G, A Full-featured Rugged Module With Internal RTK Receiver

Xsens brings centimeter-accurate positioning capability within reach of a new generation of affordabl... See more »
May 5, 2020Evertiq

Centimeter-accurate satellite positioning enters the mainstream

Xsens, the manufacturer of motion tracking modules, today announced that it has brought centimeter-ac... See more »
January 14, 2020TechRistic

New wearable sensor development platform

14 January 2020 3D motion tracking technology company, Xsens, has unveiled a new wearable sensor deve... See more »

Xsens Technologies B.V. Blogs

February 13, 2019Xsens Blog

Xsens’ Open Source XDA: Interfacing with a Motion Tracker has never been easier

In a drone’s camera stabilizer or an agricultural robot’s navigation system, Xsens MTi in... See more »
December 18, 2018Xsens Blog

Behind the commando crawling of Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr

Founded in 2005, NeocoreGames is an 80-strong team of independent developers based in Bud... See more »
December 11, 2018Xsens Blog

Asia-Pacific distributor meeting and Siggraph Asia

Last week Xsens hosted the Asia-Pacific distributor meeting at the beautiful office of Ze... See more »
November 9, 2018Xsens Blog

A Q&A with Kite & Lightning

Have you ever wanted to watch a bunch of two-foot-tall immortal ‘Beby’s engage in a real-... See more »
October 3, 2018Xsens Blog

Capturing The Movement Of Deception

Mind and body aren’t always one when it comes to telling lies. We talked to the behaviour... See more »
September 25, 2018Xsens Blog

Challenges you face when working with motion capture and how Xsens overcomes them

The "Xsens Motion Capture Challenge" is a series of typical motion capture challenges our... See more »
September 13, 2018Xsens Blog

Xsens Throwback Thursday: Love Has No Labels

Maybe you remember the viral, tear-jerking and emotional campaign 'Love Has No Labels'. I... See more »

Xsens Technologies B.V. Press Releases

May 24, 2016Press Release Rocket

Xsens Adds Mobile and Full Wi-Fi Support to MVN Studio

Motion Capture Now Possible Anywhere There's Wi-Fi, Including Mobile Device Functionality Enschede, T... See more »

Xsens Delivers Full-Featured, Miniature Motion Tracking Module at Low-Cost

ENSCHEDE, Netherlands--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Xsens expands its MTi product portfolio by releasing the new ... See more »
June 29, 2015PRWEB

Xsens' MVN Wearable Motion-Capture Systems Helps Push Universal Pictures and MRC's Ted 2 VFX to New Heights

Lightweight Inertial Capture Suits Let the Production Company Lay Down Ted's Performance Live on Set(... See more »
June 15, 2015PRWEB

Taiwanese Dancers Project Memories with Motion Capture

Hsin-Chien Huang's Performance Art Piece Creates Visual Sculptures from Dancer Movements; 3D Printed ... See more »
March 25, 2015PRWEB

Xsens and Mindride Help "Love Has No Labels" PSA Reach Over 85 Million Viewers

Viral Ad's X-Ray Skeleton Effects Brought to Life with Wireless Motion Capture System(PRWeb March 25,... See more »
March 17, 2015PRWEB

MPC Puts Xsens' New Motion Capture System to Work

Famed VFX Studio Can Quickly Source Production-Ready Mocap Data Anywhere; New Systems Already in Prod... See more »

Xsens Technologies B.V. Videos

April 16, 2021Xsens Technologies B.V. Youtube Channel

"Xsens webinar: Body Dimensions with Hands-On Experience" on YOUTUBE

April 15, 2021Xsens Technologies B.V. Youtube Channel

"Motion Cloud Q&A Katie Jo and Chris" on YOUTUBE

December 8, 2020Xsens Technologies B.V. Youtube Channel

"Xsens DOT - Unboxing" on YOUTUBE

November 13, 2020Xsens Technologies B.V. Youtube Channel

"3D position aiding for Xsens motion capture using HTC Vive" on YOUTUBE

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Xsens Technologies B.V. Headquarters

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Xsens Technologies B.V. Summary



Xsens engages in the development of 3D motion capture products such as IMU, AHRS and 3D human kinematics. Xsens Technologies B.V. was founded in 2000. Xsens Technologies B.V.'s headquarters is located in Enschede, Overijssel, NL 7500. Xsens Technolog...


Xsens Technologies B.V.'s General Manager, Boele de Bie, currently has an approval rating of 72%. Xsens Technologies B.V.'s primary competitors are Yost Labs, Polhemus & OptiTrack.



Frequently Asked Questions about Xsens Technologies B.V.

  1. When was Xsens Technologies B.V. founded?

    Xsens Technologies B.V. was founded in 2000
  2. Who is Xsens Technologies B.V.'s CEO?

    Xsens Technologies B.V.'s CEO is Boele de Bie
  3. How much revenue does Xsens Technologies B.V. generate?

    Xsens Technologies B.V. generates $19M in revenue
  4. How much funding does Xsens Technologies B.V. have?

    Xsens Technologies B.V. has historically raised $0 in funding
  1. Where is Xsens Technologies B.V.'s headquarters?

    Xsens Technologies B.V.'s headquarters is in Enschede Overijssel, NL
  2. How many employees does Xsens Technologies B.V. have?

    Xsens Technologies B.V. has 120 employees
  3. What sector does Xsens Technologies B.V. operate in?

    Xsens Technologies B.V. is in Technology Hardware
  4. Who are Xsens Technologies B.V.'s competitors?

    Xsens Technologies B.V.'s top competitors are Yost Labs, Polhemus, OptiTrack