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Vanessa Stofenmacher

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Vanessa Stofenmacher's photo - Co-Founder of Vrai & Oro

Vanessa Stofenmacher


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Eli Edri

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Semantic Audience is the biggest rival of Vrai & Oro. Semantic Audience is headquartered in , , and was founded in null. Semantic Audience is in the Marketing Services field. Semantic Audience generates NaN% the revenue of Vrai & Oro.

Swell Caroline is Vrai & Oro's #2 competitor. Swell Caroline is a Private company that was founded in , in null. Like Vrai & Oro, Swell Caroline also works within the Jewelry sector. Swell Caroline has 14 fewer employees vs. Vrai & Oro.

Helen's Jewels has been one of Vrai & Oro's top competitors. Helen's Jewels's headquarters is in Burlingame, California, and was founded in null. Helen's Jewels operates in the Apparel Retail industry. Helen's Jewels generates 0.90% of Vrai & Oro's revenue.

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Vrai & Oro News

August 15, 2017National Jeweler

Diamond Foundry-Owned Brand to Open First Retail Location

The man-made diamond startup purchased Vrai & Oro last year and now will open a store in L.A.... See more »
August 14, 2017campfire

This Fine Jewelry Brand Puts A (Better) Ring On It

By Kim Lightbody. Last year, Vanessa Stofenmacher wanted to expand her three-year-old direct-to-consu... See more »

Vrai & Oro Blogs

March 20, 2019Vrai And Oro Blog

3 Sustainable Ways to Clean Your Jewelry & Engagement Ring

Just as you regularly clean your clothes, our jewelry designs need a pick-me-up from time to time. Lu... See more »
March 14, 2019Vrai And Oro Blog

Almost Gone 👋

We're committed to transparency and sustainability so we're keeping you in the loop with styles that ... See more »
October 19, 2018Vrai And Oro Blog

V&O Interviews: Francesca and Leslie

Leslie and Francesca are a real life couple that helped us bring our most recent launch of the Large ... See more »
September 20, 2018Vrai And Oro Blog

Solid Gold vs. Plated, Vermeil and Filled Gold

Get to know your jewelry. To ensure the longevity of your jewelry so you can enjoy it for years to co... See more »
September 20, 2018Vrai And Oro Blog

14k vs. 18k Gold

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August 15, 2018Vrai And Oro Blog

V&O Wallpapers

V&amp;O Wallpapers for your mobile device— brought to you through the V&amp;O lens.More... See more »
May 30, 2018Vrai And Oro Blog

Colored Gold

Here at Vrai &amp; Oro, gold is offered in three colors: rose, yellow, and white. Colored gold is a c... See more »

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Vrai & Oro Headquarters

965 Terminal Way

San Carlos, California94070

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Vrai & Oro Summary



Vrai And Oro is an online marketplace that allows users to buy gold rings, bracelets and chains. Vrai & Oro was founded in 2013. Vrai & Oro's headquarters is located in San Carlos, California, USA 94070. Vrai & Oro's Co-Founder, Vanessa Stofenmacher,...


Vrai & Oro's Co-Founder, Vanessa Stofenmacher, currently has an approval rating of 87%. Vrai & Oro's primary competitors are Semantic Audience, Swell Caroline & Helen's Jewels.

Frequently Asked Questions about Vrai & Oro

  1. When was Vrai & Oro founded?

    Vrai & Oro was founded in 2013
  2. Who is Vrai & Oro's CEO?

    Vrai & Oro's CEO is Vanessa Stofenmacher
  3. How much revenue does Vrai & Oro generate?

    Vrai & Oro generates $9.5M in revenue
  4. How much funding does Vrai & Oro have?

    Vrai & Oro has historically raised $0 in funding
  1. Where is Vrai & Oro's headquarters?

    Vrai & Oro's headquarters is in San Carlos California, USA
  2. How many employees does Vrai & Oro have?

    Vrai & Oro has 24 employees
  3. What sector does Vrai & Oro operate in?

    Vrai & Oro is in Logistics, Wholesalers & Retail Distributors, E-Commerce, Jewelry
  4. Who are Vrai & Oro's competitors?

    Vrai & Oro's top competitors are Semantic Audience, Swell Caroline, Helen's Jewels