Viasat Acquisitions

Viasat has acquired 17 companies and its latest acquisition was Inmarsat Global Limited on Nov 2021

Inmarsat Global Limited

Nov 2021

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Inmarsat is an England-based telecommunication company that provides mobile satellite communication solutions for defense, aviation and maritime industries.
RigNet, Inc.

Dec 2020

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RigNet is a telecom company that provides IoT-based managed communication and remote monitoring services for maritime and oil and gas industries.
Euro Broadband Infrastructure Sarl

Nov 2020

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EBI is a telecommunication firm that provides broadband and internet services for residential and commercial sectors.
Horsebridge Defence & Security Ltd.

Jun 2018

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Horsebridge Defense and Security is a provider of secure mobility and deployable small cell LTE solutions.

Nov 2016

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Arconics provides a connected aircraft platform and mobile applications for managing aircraft and flight-related data in the aviation industry.

Frequently Asked Questions about Viasat

  1. What companies did Viasat acquire?

    Companies acquired by Viasat include Inmarsat, RigNet and EBI
  2. How many acquisitions does Viasat have?

    Viasat has acquired 17 companies including Inmarsat, RigNet and EBI.
  1. How many acquisitions did Viasat make in 2021?

    In 2021 Viasat acquired 1 companies including Inmarsat.