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May 22, 2020VantagePoint Blog

Payroll Taxes – A Guide for Employers & Employees

Payroll taxes can be confusing for business owners. There are different taxes and rates depending on ... See more »
May 21, 2020VantagePoint Blog

Return to Work: Employer Responsibilities & Pitfalls to Avoid

As we begin to reopen the economy and emerge from quarantine, it is vital that business leaders take ... See more »
May 6, 2020VantagePoint Blog

COBRA Admin Fees Waived by VantagePoint

VantagePoint Waives New COBRA Administration Fees for 6 Months* Furloughs, layoffs, and COBRA rules D... See more »
May 6, 2020VantagePoint Blog

Major Changes to Health Insurance and COBRA Rules

The Departments of Treasury and Labor, along with the IRS has created a time-frame extension affectin... See more »
April 27, 2020VantagePoint Blog

New York State Extends Health Insurance Premium Payment Grace Period

A recent Executive Order issued by Governor Cuomo extends premium payment grace periods for individua... See more »
April 21, 2020VantagePoint Blog

New Tax-Free Programs for Employees

In our continuing efforts to help employers and their employees, we have launched two little-known bu... See more »
April 8, 2020VantagePoint Blog

Newly Announced Small-Business Support and Financing

Alternative Avenues for Business Support Current & Newly Announced Grants & Loans We hope this messag... See more »


20 Blake Avenue

Lynbrook, New York11563

(516) 599-2120

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Vantagepointbenefit's headquarters is located in Lynbrook, New York, USA 11563. Vantagepointbenefit has an estimated 10 employees and an estimated annual revenue of 10.0M....


Frequently Asked Questions about Vantagepointbenefit

  1. Who is Vantagepointbenefit's CEO?

    Vantagepointbenefit's CEO is Mark DeRosa
  2. How much revenue does Vantagepointbenefit generate?

    Vantagepointbenefit generates $10M in revenue
  3. How much funding does Vantagepointbenefit have?

    Vantagepointbenefit has historically raised $0 in funding
  1. Where is Vantagepointbenefit's headquarters?

    Vantagepointbenefit's headquarters is in Lynbrook New York, USA
  2. How many employees does Vantagepointbenefit have?

    Vantagepointbenefit has 10 employees