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December 21, 2016Urbanity Life Blog

No More Fake News

Shiny things don't impress me. Celebrity for celebrity sake has never impressed me. I've never been s... See more »
December 15, 2016Urbanity Life Blog

Far Away Grey

By Tiffany TuckerThe way the world has changed makes this narration almost daunting to bring in one's... See more »
December 14, 2016Urbanity Life Blog

What's the difference between Business Analysts, Systems Analysts, and Business Systems Analysts?

There is no clear answer to the differences between the three roles. The nature of being a liaison be... See more »
February 19, 2016Urbanity Life Blog

No Saviors Here: The Second Coming of the Same

www.rollingstone.com By Emerald ApostleWhen it comes to the American political system and the politic... See more »
February 5, 2016Urbanity Life Blog

Superman In America

www.geeksandcleats.comBy Emerald ApostleCam Newton is the American dream. This season no other player... See more »
February 3, 2016Urbanity Life Blog

How to become a leader: a changeable moment #urbanitylife #inspiration #howtobecomealeader

"You're no longer the R-POC," he exclaims with a gust of halitosis strong enough to cause one of the ... See more »
February 2, 2016Urbanity Life Blog

wait a second... I am logging back on.

If you have visited the site today, you would have noticed some technical difficulties. :)I have been... See more »

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Urbanity Life has an estimated 8 employees and an estimated annual revenue of 400.3K....

Frequently Asked Questions about Urbanity Life

  1. How much revenue does Urbanity Life generate?

    Urbanity Life generates $ < 1M in revenue
  2. How much funding does Urbanity Life have?

    Urbanity Life has historically raised $0 in funding
  1. How many employees does Urbanity Life have?

    Urbanity Life has 8 employees