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Carolina Propane is ThompsonGas's top competitor. Carolina Propane is a Private company that was founded in Orangeburg, South Carolina in 1994. Carolina Propane operates in the Electric, Water & Gas Utilities industry. Carolina Propane has 535 fewer employees vs. ThompsonGas.

MFA Oil has been one of ThompsonGas's top competitors. MFA Oil is headquartered in Columbia, Missouri, and was founded in 1929. MFA Oil is in the Oil & Gas Exploration, Production, Sales field. MFA Oil generates 384% the revenue of ThompsonGas.

Champagne's Energy is perceived as one of ThompsonGas's biggest rivals. Champagne's Energy was founded in 2000 in Arundel, Maine. Champagne's Energy competes in the Consumable Fuels field. Champagne's Energy generates $151.5M less revenue than ThompsonGas.


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Aug 2020

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These are all the companies that ThompsonGas has acquired. ThompsonGas' latest acquisition was in Aug 2020.


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September 15, 2017freePRnow

Interested In Saving Money On Your Business? ThompsonGas Offers The Most Affordable Propane Prices

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Know The Best Valuation Of Your Propane Business With ThompsonGas Acquisitions

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March 8, 2017BriefingWire

ThompsonGas Provides the Most Affordable Propane Delivery Service This Winter

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February 8, 2017PressReleasePing

Thompson Gas Offers Most Affordable Residential & Commercial Propane

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December 21, 2016PRLog

ThompsonGas Acquisitions Offers The Best Valuation Of Your Propane Business

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December 8, 2016PRLog

ThompsonGas-One of The Best Propane Service Providers In The Country

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December 4, 2016BriefingWire

ThompsonGas Provides The Most Reliable Propane Delivery Service

If you are looking for the most reliable propane delivery service, ThompsonGas is the propane company... See more »

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Hagerstown, Maryland21740


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Thomson gas is one of the propane gas manufacturers in maryland. ThompsonGas was founded in 1946. ThompsonGas' headquarters is located in Hagerstown, Maryland, USA 21740. ThompsonGas' latest acquisition was . ThompsonGas' CEO, Jeff Kerns, currently ha...


ThompsonGas's CEO, Jeff Kerns, currently has an approval rating of 89%. ThompsonGas's primary competitors are Carolina Propane, MFA Oil & Champagne's Energy.


Frequently Asked Questions about ThompsonGas

  1. When was ThompsonGas founded?

    ThompsonGas was founded in 1946
  2. Who is ThompsonGas's CEO?

    ThompsonGas's CEO is Jeff Kerns
  3. How much revenue does ThompsonGas generate?

    ThompsonGas generates $156M in revenue
  4. How much funding does ThompsonGas have?

    ThompsonGas has historically raised $0 in funding
  1. Where is ThompsonGas's headquarters?

    ThompsonGas's headquarters is in Hagerstown Maryland, USA
  2. How many employees does ThompsonGas have?

    ThompsonGas has 550 employees
  3. What sector does ThompsonGas operate in?

    ThompsonGas is in Oil & Gas Exploration, Production, Sales, Electric, Water & Gas Utilities
  4. Who are ThompsonGas's competitors?

    ThompsonGas's top competitors are Carolina Propane, MFA Oil, Champagne's Energy