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Textio develops an augmented writing platform that automatically analyzes, matches and gives real-time guidance for the preferred candidate hiring.

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Kieran Snyder

Co-Founder & CEO

Kieran Snyder

Approval Rating: 74/100


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Business Support Services





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Textio was founded in 2014 and its headquarters is located in Seattle, Washington, USA. Textio has $1.9M in revenue and 11 employees. Textio's top competitors are SmartRecruiters, Jobvite and Recruiterbox.

Textio Competitive Set





TextioTextio ceo

Kieran Snyder

Co-Founder & CEO

1SmartRecruiters ceoSmartRecruiters

Jerome Ternynck

Founder & CEO

2Jobvite ceoJobvite

Daniel Finnigan

President & CEO

3Recruiterbox ceoRecruiterbox

Raj Sheth

Co-Founder & CEO

4BambooHR ceoBambooHR

Ben Peterson

Co-Founder & CEO

5Lumesse ceoLumesse

Didier Bench

Chairman & CEO

6JobScore ceoJobScore

Dan Arkind

Co-Founder & CEO

7Zenefits ceoZenefits

Jay Fulcher

Chairman & CEO

8Greenhouse ceoGreenhouse

Daniel Chait



Textio Revenue History

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Textio Employee History

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Textio Leadership

Kieran Snyder
Kieran Snyder

Co-Founder & CEO

Co-Founder & CEO

Textio Funding History

Since Textio was founded in 2014, it has participated in 3 rounds of funding. In total Textio has raised $29.5M. Textio's last funding round was on Jun 2017 for a total of $20.0M

Series BJun 2017$20MScale Venture PartnersBloomberg BetaCowboy VenturesEmergence Capital PartnersUpside Partnership
Series ANov 2015$8MEmergence Capital PartnersCowboy VenturesUpside Partnership
EquityJan 2015$1.5MCowboy VenturesUpside Partnership

Total: $

Textio News

Textio posted a video "Textio customer story: Atlassian" on VIMEOAtlassian's Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Aubrey Blanche, sits down with Textio CEO Kieran Snyder for an in-depth look at how Atlassian employs data science in hiring for a more effective and inclusive workplace.Cast: TextioTextio Vimeo Channel
Textio posted a video "Johnson & Johnson: Using Data to Hire Smarter" on VIMEOTextio CEO Kieran Snyder interviews Sjoerd Gehring, VP of Talent Acquisition and Employee Engagement at Johnson & Johnson, about how J&J uses data science to improve their talent pipeline.Cast: TextioTextio Vimeo Channel
Textio: Textio Upgrades Enterprise Offering to Optimize Augmented Writing for Larger TeamsLarge Enterprises Finally Measuring Impact Of AI On Human Resource Platforms With Textio Textio, the developer of the world's first augmented ...The post Textio Upgrades Enterprise Offering to Optimize Augmented Writing for Larger Teams appeared first on MarTechSeries.Martech Series
Textio: Textio added two new faces to its executive boardTextio added two new faces to its executive board: former Outreach exec Chuck Smith joined the company as VP of engineering and Clay Satterfield was promoted to VP of product and design.GeekWire
Press coverage of Textio more than tripled over the last week, reaching 14 mentionsTextio made the news 14 times in the past week, including articles in TechCrunch, Arizona Tech Investors and VentureBeat. This is about 14 times more than the usual press coverage the company receives. Its top competitor, Workable, didn't receive any mentions and neither did close competitor Jobvite.
Kieran Snyder's rating as CEO of Textio is up 6 points over the past three monthsTextio CEO Kieran Snyder's overall approval rating is up 6 points over the past three months. The CEO's rating now stands at 82 on a 100 point scale. In comparison, Workable's Nikos Moraitakis has a CEO rating of 46 while Daniel Finnigan at Jobvite has a rating of 65.
Textio: Textio gets $20 million to expand its AI-powered writing platformTextio announced today that it has raised a $20 million series B round of funding to expand its AI-powered augmented writing platform into other fields beyond improving job descriptions. The company's product offers automated guidance so that people writing job descriptions are able to maximize their response from interested and qualified applicants. As people write [...]VentureBeat
Textio received $20M in Series B FundingThe Seattle Times
Textio: With $20M from Scale, Textio Envisions 'Augmented Writing' EverywhereIn a prime example of the promise of artificial intelligence to improve human capabilities, rather than just replace them, Textio is bringing its "augmented writing" technology to e-mails, sales and marketing communications, and other forms of business writing, and just raised $20 million to do it. The Seattle startup, which until now focused on improving [...]Xconomy
Textio: Investors pump $20M into Seattle startup Textio, which helps job recruiters find the right wordsThe startup, which helps companies tweak job postings to get a better pool of qualified candidates to apply, raised $20 million from Silicon Valley firm Scale Venture Partners, as well as existing investors.The Seattle Times - Business & Tech



Textio Website History

Screengrabs of how the Textio site has evloved. (Click to expand)

Textio website history

Jan 2018

Textio website history

Jul 2017

Textio website history

Jun 2017

Textio website history

Feb 2017

Textio website history

Nov 2016

Textio website history

Aug 2016

Textio website history

May 2016

Textio website history

Feb 2016

Textio website history

Nov 2015

Textio website history

Aug 2015

Textio website history

May 2015

Owler has collected 11 screenshots of Textio's website since May 2015. The latest Textio website design screenshot was captured in Jan 2018.

Textio Headquarters

undefined company logo

1218 3rd Ave Suite 1900

Seattle, Washington 98101


Driving Directions

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Textio Summary Information

Textio develops a software application that automatically analyzes and matches the preferred candidate for hiring. Founded in 2014, it has its corporate headquarters in Seattle, Washington. It started out with a challenge to itself: How to predict whether a Kickstarter project would meet its proposed budget even before it was published? To find this out the company developed a software that would analyze the text of every Kickstarter project ever in existence. What were the patterns that distinguished the most successful projects? With machine learning and linguistic analysis, the company was able to predict Kickstarter project with almost 90% accuracy. Textio's first tool looks at talent acquisition documents such as job postings to determine its performance among candidates. They found out that certain words and layouts were more attractive to other candidates than others. For example, the company found out that job postings with bullet points performed much better than job postings without them. Although commonly used for talent acquisition documents, Textio can also be applied to documents that included common phrases such as email, resumes, or other kinds of messages. The platform is being used by companies such as Twitter, Atlassian, Starbucks, and others. Textio is able to recognize over 60,000 phrases with its predictive technology. It looks at how words are put together and at other syntax-related properties the document may have. All that put together results in a score for the document depending on how they are likely to succeed in whatever the writer set out to do. Textio acts like a smart word processor. With the software, customers can edit, format, copy, and paste just like in any word processor. But Textio predicts the success of the job listing or candidate email as they edit the text. The text will have its Textio score which determines the effectiveness of the document. The higher the score, the more effective the text is. As the customer types, the software highlights the key phrases that will change the effectiveness of the document. The software provides a list of Strengths and Problems that tells customers the areas that needs improvement. It also helps the customer understand whether the tone of their message is likely to attract more men or women compared to listings and emails in their industry. Textio compares with Workable, Greenhouse, and Jobvite. The company CEO is Kieran Snyder with an Owler approval rating of 95%.

Textio's Co-Founder & CEO, Kieran Snyder, currently has an approval rating of 74%. Textio's primary competitors are  SmartRecruiters Jobvite Recruiterbox.

Visit the Textio website to learn more.