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Teks, Co, IN Press Releases

January 4, 2018PRWIRE

My First Words Crosses 300K Downloads

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December 6, 2017PRWIRE

Teksmobile Signs Off 2017 With A Series Of New Apps

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October 19, 2017Market Press Release

Teksmobile Starts Operations In South Korea

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October 16, 2017PRWIRE

Teksmobile To Co-Sponsor Nordic Smart Cities 2017

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September 15, 2017Market Press Release

Teksmobile Announces A Uber-Successful 2017 Q2

Teksmobile, a cross-platform mobile app company, recently released its 2017 Q2 results. Under the gui... See more »
July 17, 2017PRWIRE

App Entrepreneur Hussain Fakhruddin Talks About His Role As A Coach At Teksmobile

In a recent exclusive interview, noted app evangelist Hussain Fakhruddin - the CEO of Teksmobile (Aus... See more »
July 3, 2017PRWIRE

Teksmobile Announces A Uber-Successful 2017 Q2

Teksmobile, a multinational mobile app and API development company, announced its quarterly report la... See more »

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Teks, Co, IN Headquarters

14 N.S. Road Calcutta

Calcutta, West Bengal700035


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Teks, Co, IN Summary



Teks, Co, IN was founded in 2006. Teks, Co, IN's headquarters is located in Calcutta, West Bengal, IN 700035. Teks, Co, IN has an estimated 647 employees and an estimated annual revenue of 49.7M....



Frequently Asked Questions about Teks, Co, IN

  1. When was Teks, Co, IN founded?

    Teks, Co, IN was founded in 2006
  2. How much revenue does Teks, Co, IN generate?

    Teks, Co, IN generates $49.7M in revenue
  3. How much funding does Teks, Co, IN have?

    Teks, Co, IN has historically raised $0 in funding
  1. Where is Teks, Co, IN's headquarters?

    Teks, Co, IN's headquarters is in Calcutta West Bengal, IN
  2. How many employees does Teks, Co, IN have?

    Teks, Co, IN has 647 employees
  3. What sector does Teks, Co, IN operate in?

    Teks, Co, IN is in IT Services