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July 7, 2016Tartan Blog

5 Marketing Lessons from Fergie on Her 12th Birthday

You may know me as a master of napping and determined scrounger of treats, but I've learned a thing o... See more »
July 7, 2016Tartan Blog

Painting a Piano to Make Hope Sing

This year for the holidays, we were thrilled to make a financial donation on behalf of our clients to... See more »
July 7, 2016Tartan Blog

Overcoming Marketer's Block

It happens to writers, musicians and artists. And, yes, it happens to marketers, too. We call it mark... See more »
July 7, 2016Tartan Blog

The Founding Fathers: The Originators of the Brand Mythology

As we ready our "out of office" auto-replies and mentally prepare for a day of star-spangled awesomen... See more »
July 7, 2016Tartan Blog

3 Ways to Use Growth Hacking in Your 2016 Marketing Planning

As you gear up for your 2016 marketing planning, the "do more with less" mandate doesn't have to be a... See more »
July 7, 2016Tartan Blog

The Secret to Winning Enterprise Accounts

Picture this: It's EOD Thursday, and John from Sales knocks on your door. He's pitching a huge accoun... See more »
July 7, 2016Tartan Blog

Video Streaming Apps: Is This What's Next for B2B Marketers?

Two apps that have been all the talk lately are Periscope and Meerkat. For the unfamiliar, both servi... See more »

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10467 93rd Ave N

Maple Grove, Minnesota55369

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Tartanmarketing was founded in 2000. Tartanmarketing's headquarters is located in Maple Grove, Minnesota, USA 55369. Tartanmarketing has an estimated 28 employees and an estimated annual revenue of 5.1M....



Frequently Asked Questions about Tartanmarketing

  1. When was Tartanmarketing founded?

    Tartanmarketing was founded in 2000
  2. How much revenue does Tartanmarketing generate?

    Tartanmarketing generates $5.1M in revenue
  3. How much funding does Tartanmarketing have?

    Tartanmarketing has historically raised $0 in funding
  1. Where is Tartanmarketing's headquarters?

    Tartanmarketing's headquarters is in Maple Grove Minnesota, USA
  2. How many employees does Tartanmarketing have?

    Tartanmarketing has 28 employees