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Synergita is a provider of employee talent and performance management solutions for organisations. Read more

635 Followers on Owler
635 Followers on Owler
635 Followers on Owler
635 Followers on Owler

Synergita is a provider of employee talent and performance management solutions for organisations. Read more

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Success Factor is Synergita's top competitor. Success Factor was founded in 1998 in Shahrah-i-Faisal, Sindh. Success Factor competes in the Schools field. Success Factor generates $9.7M less revenue than Synergita.

Cornerstone is perceived as one of Synergita's biggest rivals. Cornerstone's headquarters is in Santa Monica, California, and was founded in 1999. Cornerstone is in the Internet Software industry. Cornerstone generates 6,835% of Synergita's revenue.

Sumtotal is one of Synergita's top competitors. Sumtotal is a Private company that was founded in Weybridge, England in 2004. Sumtotal operates in the Business Support Services industry. Sumtotal has 285 more employees vs. Synergita.


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February 24, 2020Synergita Blog

Performance Appraisal Appeals – Scenarios and Solutions

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February 18, 2020Synergita Blog

A Valuable Lesson from Sherlock Holmes: Continuous Feedback – A Performance Management Technique

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February 17, 2020Synergita Blog

6 Collaboration Techniques to Improve Team Performance

Managing team collaboration in the workplace is a real challenge that every organization faces. The t... See more »
February 12, 2020Synergita Blog

3 Ways to Harmonize Performance Appraisal Across Organization Using Bell Curves

The bell curve system. It is being scrapped by many organizations, but you may not be able to afford ... See more »
February 5, 2020Synergita Blog

Top 5 Performance Appraisal Trends in 2020

Do you think the traditional method of evaluating an employee works for this generation? If you think... See more »
January 30, 2020Synergita Blog

Why Continuous Feedback is Important to Ace Performance Management?

Humans have the innate craving for gratification in the form of recognition. For instance, when ... See more »
January 28, 2020Synergita Blog

Transformative Matrix Goals Management to Improve Productivity

The influx of technology creates a challenging business environment, which in turn requires new devel... See more »

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Synergita is a provider of employee talent and performance management solutions for organisations. Synergita was founded in 2009. Synergita's headquarters is located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, IN 600. Synergita's CEO, Shankar Krishnamoorthy, currently h...


Synergita's CEO, Shankar Krishnamoorthy, currently has an approval rating of 74%. Synergita's primary competitors are Success Factor, Cornerstone & Sumtotal.


Frequently Asked Questions about Synergita

  1. When was Synergita founded?

    Synergita was founded in 2009
  2. Who is Synergita's CEO?

    Synergita's CEO is Shankar Krishnamoorthy
  3. How much revenue does Synergita generate?

    Synergita generates $10M in revenue
  4. How much funding does Synergita have?

    Synergita has historically raised $0 in funding
  1. Where is Synergita's headquarters?

    Synergita's headquarters is in Chennai Tamil Nadu, IN
  2. How many employees does Synergita have?

    Synergita has 72 employees
  3. Who are Synergita's competitors?

    Synergita's top competitors are Success Factor, Cornerstone, Sumtotal