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Styku, Inc

Styku is an online retailer of fashion apparels. Read more

Raj Sareen's photo - Co-Founder & CEO of Styku, Inc

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Raj Sareen

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Size Stream is seen as one of Styku, Inc's top competitors. Size Stream was founded in Cary, North Carolina} in 2012. Size Stream is in the IT Services industry. Compared to Styku, Inc, Size Stream generates $2.7M more revenue.

Body Labs is Styku, Inc's #2 competitor. Body Labs was founded in 2013, and its headquarters is in New York, New York. Body Labs is in the Internet Software field. Body Labs has 8 more employees than Styku, Inc.

VirtualU, Inc. is Styku, Inc's #3 rival. VirtualU, Inc. is headquartered in Blacksburg, Virginia, and was founded in 2012. VirtualU, Inc. operates in the Internet Software industry. VirtualU, Inc. generates 187% the revenue of Styku, Inc.


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Apr 2012


Since Styku, Inc was founded in 2011, it has participated in 1 round of funding. In total Styku, Inc has raised $0. Styku, Inc's funding round was on Apr 2012 for a total of $0

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Gold's Gym and Styku Complete Nationwide Rollout of 3D Body Scanners; Announce Partnership.

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Styku, Inc Headquarters

5462 Jillson St

Los Angeles, California90040


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Styku, Inc Summary



Styku is an online retailer of fashion apparels. Styku, Inc was founded in 2011. Styku, Inc's headquarters is located in Los Angeles, California, USA 90040. It has raised undisclosed amount in 1 round. The latest round was in Apr 2012. Styku, Inc's pr...


Styku, Inc's Co-Founder & CEO, Raj Sareen, currently has an approval rating of 57%. Styku, Inc's primary competitors are Size Stream, Body Labs & VirtualU, Inc..



Frequently Asked Questions about Styku, Inc

  1. When was Styku, Inc founded?

    Styku, Inc was founded in 2011
  2. Who is Styku, Inc's CEO?

    Styku, Inc's CEO is Raj Sareen
  3. How much revenue does Styku, Inc generate?

    Styku, Inc generates $ < 1M in revenue
  4. How much funding does Styku, Inc have?

    Styku, Inc has historically raised $0 in funding
  1. Where is Styku, Inc's headquarters?

    Styku, Inc's headquarters is in Los Angeles California, USA
  2. How many employees does Styku, Inc have?

    Styku, Inc has 19 employees
  3. What sector does Styku, Inc operate in?

    Styku, Inc is in Systems Software, Identity Management
  4. Who are Styku, Inc's competitors?

    Styku, Inc's top competitors are Size Stream, Body Labs, VirtualU, Inc.