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SpeedCast Acquisitions

SpeedCast has acquired 12 companies and its latest acquisition was Globecomm Systems, Inc. on Aug 2018

Globecomm Systems, Inc.

Aug 2018

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Globecomm is a provider of remote communications and multi-network infrastructure solutions for government, maritime and enterprise sectors.
UltiSat, Inc.

Jul 2017

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UltiSat is a provider of network and satellite communication services for government, defense and maritime markets.
Harris CapRock

Nov 2016

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Harris CapRock is a remote satellite telecommunications firm offering voice and data services for mobile and remote connectivity.
Wins Ltd

Aug 2016

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WINS is a provider of broadband satellite communications and IT solutions for the maritime, aviation and energy sectors.
NewCom International, Inc.

Dec 2015

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NewCom specializes in the design and implementation of integrated voice, video, data and security solutions for government and other business sectors.

Frequently Asked Questions about SpeedCast

  1. What companies did SpeedCast acquire?

    Companies acquired by SpeedCast include Globecomm, UltiSat and Harris CapRock
  2. How many acquisitions does SpeedCast have?

    SpeedCast has acquired 12 companies including Globecomm, UltiSat and Harris CapRock.
  1. How many acquisitions did SpeedCast make in 2018?

    In 2018 SpeedCast acquired 1 companies including Globecomm.