SingTel Acquisitions

SingTel has acquired 3 companies and its latest acquisition was Trustwave Holdings, Inc. on Apr 2015

Trustwave Holdings, Inc.

Apr 2015

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Trustwave is a cybersecurity firm that provides threat detection, security testing and compliance management services for businesses.
Pixable Inc.

Sep 2012

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Pixable's primary product aggregates photos from different social networks, allowing users to browse all the photos connected to them in one stream.
Amobee, Inc.

Mar 2012

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Amobee is a California-based advertising technology platform that provides solutions such as social media analytics and sales management for advertisers and publishers.

Frequently Asked Questions about SingTel

  1. What companies did SingTel acquire?

    Companies acquired by SingTel include Trustwave, Pixable and Amobee
  2. How many acquisitions does SingTel have?

    SingTel has acquired 3 companies including Trustwave, Pixable and Amobee.
  1. How many acquisitions did SingTel make in 2015?

    In 2015 SingTel acquired 1 companies including Trustwave.