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Richland Sewing Center is one of Sewvacdirect's top rivals. Richland Sewing Center's headquarters is in Hurst, Texas, and was founded in null. Richland Sewing Center operates in the industry. Richland Sewing Center generates 47% of Sewvacdirect's revenue.

Sew Vac Direct has been one of Sewvacdirect's top competitors. Sew Vac Direct was founded in 1999 in Bryan, Texas. Sew Vac Direct is in the Apparel Retail industry. Sew Vac Direct generates $6.2M less revenue than Sewvacdirect.

Southwest Sewing Machines is one of Sewvacdirect's top competitors. Southwest Sewing Machines was founded in Houston, Texas} in null. Southwest Sewing Machines operates in the Business Support Services industry. Compared to Sewvacdirect, Southwest Sewing Machines generates $1.1M less revenue.


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Sewvacdirect Blogs

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Sewvacdirect was founded in 1999. Sewvacdirect's headquarters is located in Bryan, Texas, USA 77803. Sewvacdirect has an estimated 61 employees and an estimated annual revenue of 12.4M....


Frequently Asked Questions about Sewvacdirect

  1. When was Sewvacdirect founded?

    Sewvacdirect was founded in 1999
  2. How much revenue does Sewvacdirect generate?

    Sewvacdirect generates $12.4M in revenue
  3. How much funding does Sewvacdirect have?

    Sewvacdirect has historically raised $0 in funding
  1. Where is Sewvacdirect's headquarters?

    Sewvacdirect's headquarters is in Bryan Texas, USA
  2. How many employees does Sewvacdirect have?

    Sewvacdirect has 61 employees
  3. Who are Sewvacdirect's competitors?

    Sewvacdirect's top competitors are Richland Sewing Center, Sew Vac Direct, Southwest Sewing Machines