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Sevish Blogs

July 25, 2020Sevish Blog

Sevish and Brendan Byrnes to launch vinyl crowdfunder campaign

If you would like to own a vinyl record featuring songs from both Sevish and Brendan Byrnes, here&#82... See more »
December 12, 2019Sevish Blog

Possible Worlds Vol. 4 out on Spectropol Records

Possible Worlds Vol 4 is out today - a compilation of music using alternative tunings in various styl... See more »
November 14, 2019Sevish Blog

Micro-Pitch device coming in Bitwig Studio 3.1

Here's an early look at a new feature of Bitwig Studio 3.1 - Micro-Pitch! Micro-Pitch allows you to u... See more »
October 13, 2019Sevish Blog

Making microtonal music on Linux computers

Folks often ask me how do you make microtonal music on your computer? This article explains all the e... See more »
July 26, 2019Sevish Blog

New Sevish album 'Horixens' out now

Hey microtonal gang, I'm finally ready to announce the release of Horixens, a new album of electronic... See more »
July 9, 2019Sevish Blog

Horixens album preview

Hear the 'Horixens' album preview on Soundcloud or YouTube Releases on July 26th for digital download... See more »
June 28, 2019Sevish Blog

How to convert .tun file to .scl the easy way

Hey microtonal gang. If you want to convert an AnaMark tun file to Scala scl (or other tuning format)... See more »

Sevish Videos

September 23, 2021Sevish Youtube Channel

"Sevish - Hexdeep" on YOUTUBE

September 17, 2021Sevish Youtube Channel

"Sevish - I Won't Forget" on YOUTUBE

September 10, 2021Sevish Youtube Channel

"Sevish - Formless Shadows" on YOUTUBE

July 8, 2021Sevish Youtube Channel

"Sevish - Asha (12edo)" on YOUTUBE

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Sevish has an estimated 5 employees and an estimated annual revenue of 63.7K....


Frequently Asked Questions about Sevish

  1. How much revenue does Sevish generate?

    Sevish generates $ < 1M in revenue
  2. How much funding does Sevish have?

    Sevish has historically raised $0 in funding
  1. How many employees does Sevish have?

    Sevish has 5 employees