PepsiCo Acquisitions

PepsiCo has acquired 14 companies and its latest acquisition was Rockstar, Inc. on Mar 2020

Rockstar, Inc.

Mar 2020

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Rockstar produces and sells rockstar energy drink for athletes  throughout the world.
Hangzhou Haomusi Food Co., Ltd.

Feb 2020

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Be & Cheery is an online application that allows users to shop for nuts, dried fruits, meat snacks, baked goods and confectionery products.
BFY Brands LLC

Dec 2019

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BFY Brands is a manufacturer and distributor of ready-to-eat popped snacks that includes bean crisps, rice rounds and crinkles.
Pioneer Food Group

Jul 2019

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Pioneer Foods is a manufacturer, producer and distributor of packaged food, snack and beverage products.
Pipers Crisps Ltd.

Mar 2019

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Pipers Crisps is a manufacturer and online retailer of potato chips.

PepsiCo Acquisition News & Insights

Frequently Asked Questions about PepsiCo

  1. What companies did PepsiCo acquire?

    Companies acquired by PepsiCo include Rockstar, Be & Cheery and BFY Brands
  2. How many acquisitions does PepsiCo have?

    PepsiCo has acquired 14 companies including Rockstar, Be & Cheery and BFY Brands.
  1. How many acquisitions did PepsiCo make in 2020?

    In 2020 PepsiCo acquired 2 companies including Rockstar and Be & Cheery.