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Outreach is one of PeopleLinx's top competitors. Outreach is a Private company that was founded in Seattle, Washington in 2014. Outreach is in the Sales Enablement field. Outreach has 783 more employees vs. PeopleLinx.

SalesLoft is perceived as one of PeopleLinx's biggest rivals. SalesLoft was founded in 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia. SalesLoft competes in the Systems Software industry. SalesLoft generates $57.5M more revenue than PeopleLinx.

Yesware is a top competitor of PeopleLinx. Yesware's headquarters is in Boston, Massachusetts, and was founded in 2010. Yesware competes in the Application Software field. Yesware generates 200% of PeopleLinx's revenue.


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PeopleLinx Acquisitions

No recent acquisitions found related to PeopleLinx

PeopleLinx Funding History

Since PeopleLinx was founded in 2009, it has participated in 4 rounds of funding. In total PeopleLinx has raised $8.4M. PeopleLinx's last funding round was on Aug 2015 for a total of $3.5M





Series A
Aug 2015

Osage Venture Partners

Jun 2014
Series A
Feb 2013
Dec 2011

Since PeopleLinx was founded in 2009, it has participated in 4 rounds of funding. In total PeopleLinx has raised $8.4M. PeopleLinx's last funding round was on Aug 2015 for a total of $3.5M

PeopleLinx Investments

No recent investments found related to PeopleLinx

PeopleLinx News

January 12, 2016inman

PeopleLinx bridges agent CRMs with top tier social networks

PeopleLinx differs greatly from other products that you may assume it's related to, like Hootsuite or... See more »
November 5, 2015VENTUREBEAT

PeopleLinx announces new release as sales tech landscape takes shape

EXCLUSIVE: Philadelphia-based startup PeopleLinx is announcing PeopleLinx 4 today, on the heels of a ... See more »
August 27, 2015VC NEWS DAILY

PeopleLinx Attracts an Additional $3.5M

PHILADELPHIA, PA, PeopleLinx announced today that it has attracted an additional $3.5 million in capi... See more »
August 27, 2015PE HUB

PeopleLinx reels in $3.5 mln

Philadelphia-based PeopleLinx, which provides solutions that improve buyer engagement, has raised $3.... See more »
August 26, 2015FINSMEs

PeopleLinx Raises $3.5M in Funding

PeopleLinx, a Philadelphia, PA-based provider of...... See more »

Phila.-based startup raises $3.5M on top of its Series A

PeopleLinx has raised an additional $3.5 million on top of its Series A round. The Philadelphia-based... See more »

PeopleLinx Blogs

April 6, 2017Peoplelinx Blog

Social Selling Video: Does it Work for B2B Sales?

It's a question we hear more and more nowadays: Can we use social selling video? There are others, to... See more »
March 30, 2017Peoplelinx Blog

Sales Call Planning Tips that Will Give You the Edge

The question I hear most often is, "What and where do I find information that can help me for sales c... See more »
March 23, 2017Peoplelinx Blog

Social Selling: The Statistics

In researching our live Webinar I'll be giving soon, I came across a lot of statistics about social s... See more »
March 16, 2017Peoplelinx Blog

Three Ways the New LinkedIn Connections Process Rocks

If you've been trying to conquer the learning curve with the new LinkedIn, you might have missed some... See more »
March 8, 2017Peoplelinx Blog

Seven Ways to Search Engine Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

When using LinkedIn for your sales efforts, being found there for what you do is crucial. Even more i... See more »
March 2, 2017Peoplelinx Blog

Two LinkedIn Changes For the Better

Ever since LinkedIn decided to revamp its main platform, I've seen a lot of gnawing and gnashing of t... See more »
February 23, 2017Peoplelinx Blog

Advanced Searches in the New LinkedIn - A "Hack"

As the new LinkedIn interface rolls out, many users are frustrated about the loss of the Advanced Sea... See more »

PeopleLinx Press Releases

August 26, 2015PRWEB

PeopleLinx Attracts an Additional $3.5 Million Investment to Help Salespeople Engage Buyers Across the Sales Funnel

PeopleLinx secures an additional $3.5M in funding to be used towards the development of its award-win... See more »
August 18, 2015PRWEB

PeopleLinx Named a Social Selling Hot Vendor by Aragon Research

Leading analyst further validates PeopleLinx as a leader in digital sales transformation.(PRWeb Augus... See more »
June 23, 2015PRWEB

Don Nawrocki Joins PeopleLinx as Chief Technology Officer

Veteran technology leader to drive enterprise growth for the social selling pioneer(PRWeb June 23, 20... See more »
June 9, 2015PRWEB

PeopleLinx Launches v2 of Social Selling App for

Enhanced AppExchange App Takes the Guesswork out of Digital Engagement(PRWeb June 09, 2015)Read the f... See more »
April 29, 2015PRWEB

Alex Turner Named a Top-25 Most Influential Inside Sales Professional

It's an honor to recognize Alex as this year's recipient of the Top-25 Most Influential Inside Sales ... See more »
February 17, 2015PRWEB

Former Richardson CEO David DiStefano Joins PeopleLinx Executive Team

Sales luminary adds heavyweight credentials to the social selling tech startup.(PRWeb February 17, 20... See more »
February 5, 2015PRWEB

PeopleLinx Announces Social Selling App on Salesforce AppExchange, the World's Leading Enterprise Apps Marketplace

PeopleLinx Customers Can Now Integrate Social Selling Directly into Salesforce(PRWeb February 05, 201... See more »

PeopleLinx Videos


"PeopleLinx: Help Your Employees Be Social Marketers" on VIMEO - PeopleLinx technology delivers ongoing, personalized guidance for LinkedIn and Twit... See more »

"Whitney Floyd Trion" on YOUTUBE


"Nick Fournaris Penn Mutual" on YOUTUBE


"[Webinar] Why Financial Services Firms Should Empower Employees on Social" on VIMEO

Social media is a powerful channel for financial services firms to engage clients, build trust, and d... See more »

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PeopleLinx Headquarters

1835 Market St

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania19103


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PeopleLinx Summary



PeopleLinx is a social selling platform that helps business-to-business enterprise sales teams to create presence, networks and engagement with buyers. PeopleLinx was founded in 2009. PeopleLinx's headquarters is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,...

Frequently Asked Questions about PeopleLinx

  1. When was PeopleLinx founded?

    PeopleLinx was founded in 2009
  2. How much revenue does PeopleLinx generate?

    PeopleLinx generates $5M in revenue
  3. How much funding does PeopleLinx have?

    PeopleLinx has historically raised $8.4M in funding
  4. Where is PeopleLinx's headquarters?

    PeopleLinx's headquarters is in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, USA
  1. How many employees does PeopleLinx have?

    PeopleLinx has 17 employees
  2. What sector does PeopleLinx operate in?

    PeopleLinx is in Systems Software, Digital Marketing & Publishing
  3. Who are PeopleLinx's competitors?

    PeopleLinx's top competitors are Outreach, SalesLoft, Yesware