Okta Acquisitions

Okta has acquired 5 companies and its latest acquisition was Townsend Street Labs, Inc. on Aug 2021

Townsend Street Labs, Inc.

Aug 2021

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atSpoke is a California-based workplace operations platform that offers solutions including modern service management, identity governance and administration for businesses.
Auth0, Inc.

Mar 2021

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Auth0 develops an identity authentication platform that offers user management and enterprise integration solutions for finance and media industries.
Azuqua, Inc.

Mar 2019

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Azuqua is a cloud based platform that allows organizations to automate their business-critical processes without code.
ScaleFT, Inc.

Jul 2018

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ScaleFT is an enterprise software company that offers cloud-native zero trust security solutions.
Stormpath, Inc.

Mar 2017

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Stormpath is a user management and authentication platform for developers to build web and mobile-based applications.

Frequently Asked Questions about Okta

  1. What companies did Okta acquire?

    Companies acquired by Okta include atSpoke, Auth0 and Azuqua
  2. How many acquisitions does Okta have?

    Okta has acquired 5 companies including atSpoke, Auth0 and Azuqua.
  1. How many acquisitions did Okta make in 2021?

    In 2021 Okta acquired 2 companies including atSpoke and Auth0.