Nexon Acquisitions

Nexon has acquired 8 companies and its latest acquisition was Embark Studios AB on Jul 2019

Embark Studios AB

Jul 2019

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Embark is a game studio that develops and publishes interactive and virtual reality games.
Pixelberry Studios

Nov 2017

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Pixelberry Studios is a digital media company that provides social awareness based gaming development services for iOS devices.
Korbit, Inc.

Sep 2017

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Korbit is a bitcoin trading platform that allows individuals and businesses to analyze, transact and trade virtual currencies.
i Digital Connect Co. Ltd.

Jun 2017

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iDCC is engaged in developing and publishing multiplayer online games.
Big Huge Games

Mar 2016

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Big Huge Games designs, develops and markets role playing video and strategy games for mobile phones and tablets.

Frequently Asked Questions about Nexon

  1. What companies did Nexon acquire?

    Companies acquired by Nexon include Embark Studios, Pixelberry Studios and Korbit, Inc.
  2. How many acquisitions does Nexon have?

    Nexon has acquired 8 companies including Embark Studios, Pixelberry Studios and Korbit, Inc..
  1. How many acquisitions did Nexon make in 2019?

    In 2019 Nexon acquired 1 companies including Embark Studios.