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New Pig

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Nino Vella

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Nino Vella's photo - President & CEO of New Pig

Nino Vella

President & CEO

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Tim Prevost


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John Moore

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Mark McElhinny

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Spilldam is one of New Pig's top rivals. Spilldam was founded in Brockton, Massachusetts} in 1964. Spilldam is in the Business Support Services industry. Compared to New Pig, Spilldam generates $3.1M more revenue.

Spill 911 is New Pig's #2 competitor. Spill 911 was founded in 1995, and is headquartered in Westfield, Indiana. Spill 911 competes in the Logistics, Wholesalers & Retail Distributors industry. Spill 911 generates $580K more revenue vs. New Pig.

Justrite Manufacturing Company, L.L.C. is a top competitor of New Pig. Justrite Manufacturing Company, L.L.C.'s headquarters is in Mattoon, Illinois, and was founded in 1906. Justrite Manufacturing Company, L.L.C. operates in the Real Estate Services industry. Justrite Manufacturing Company, L.L.C. generates 2,828% of New Pig's revenue.

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New Pig News

April 10, 2019ISHN

New Pig offers free trial training courses

New Pig, the number one brand that helps companies manage leaks, drips and spills to protect workers,... See more »
August 30, 2018ISHN

New Pig introduces PIG® High-Temp Epoxy Putty

New Pig has recently added PIG High-Temp Epoxy Putty to their exclusive line of epoxy repair sticks.... See more »
March 28, 2018ISHN

New Pig introduces PIG Grippy® Carpeted Entrance Mat

New Pig Corporation, the leader in helping facilities create cleaner, safer and more productive envir... See more »
March 21, 2018Textile World

New Pig Introduces PIG Grippy® Carpeted Entrance Mat

TIPTON, Pa. - March 21, 2018 - New Pig Corporation, the leader in helping facilities create cleaner, ... See more »
April 18, 2014THOMASNET

Drain Cover offers emergency spill response protection.

Packaged in easy-open, hi-viz storage tube, PIG® Rapid Response Drainblocker® Drain Cover has urethan... See more »

Aerosol Can Recycler from PIG creates HazMat disposal option

New Pig Corporation’s PIG Aerosol Can Recycler can easily puncture aerosol cans, rendering them exemp... See more »

New Pig Blogs

January 24, 2020New Pig Blog

Are PIG Mats Flammable?

Sparks, flames and heat sources are fire hazards, but what happens when they come in contact with PIG... See more »
August 2, 2019New Pig Blog

Soak up Small Spills Swiftly

Learn how to be prepared for small spills by stocking up on single-use spill kits and storing them wh... See more »
July 2, 2019New Pig Blog

NFPA 30 and Safe Storage of Flammable Liquids

Here's a brief look at NFPA 30 and things to consider when storing and using flammable and combustibl... See more »
May 31, 2019New Pig Blog

Proper Segregation of Incompatible Chemicals

Use the table in this article to keep your incompatible chemicals stored safely.The post Proper Segre... See more »
May 30, 2019New Pig Blog

Segregating Incompatible Materials/Liquids

The post Segregating Incompatible Materials/Liquids appeared first on Expert Advice.... See more »
May 24, 2019New Pig Blog

Why Do I Need to Bond and Ground Drums and Containers?

Static cling in clothing and that jarring shock that sometimes happens when you touch a doorknob in t... See more »
May 15, 2019New Pig Blog

How to Safely Store Chemicals Outdoors

Does your facility store potentially hazardous materials outside? Read this article to learn how to s... See more »

New Pig Press Releases

January 7, 2019PR Newswire

Study finds Pig® Grippy® Floor Mat is 92 percent better for the environment than rental rugs

TIPTON, Pa., Jan. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- New Pig Corporation, the world's leading provider of produc... See more »
May 2, 2018ForImmediateRelease

New Pig Introduces PIG Lamp Recycling Program

Travel & Tourism Industry release: TIPTON, Pa., May 2, 2018 /PRNewswire/ - Many businesses aren't awa... See more »
December 2, 2016PRWeb

TEC Selection Services Helps Midsize US Manufacturer Find a Better-fit ERP Replacement, and Negotiates Significant Savings on the New System

With the assistance of Technology Evaluation Centers' (TEC's) Selection Services, US manufacturer New... See more »

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Tipton, Pennsylvania16684


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New Pig Summary



New Pig Corporation manufactures and sells workplaces managing leaks, drips and spills. New Pig was founded in 1985. New Pig's headquarters is located in Tipton, Pennsylvania, USA 16684. New Pig's President & CEO, Nino Vella, currently has an approva...


New Pig's President & CEO, Nino Vella, currently has an approval rating of 89%. New Pig's primary competitors are Spilldam, Spill 911 & Justrite Manufacturing Company, L.L.C..



Frequently Asked Questions about New Pig

  1. When was New Pig founded?

    New Pig was founded in 1985
  2. Who is New Pig's CEO?

    New Pig's CEO is Nino Vella
  3. How much revenue does New Pig generate?

    New Pig generates $4.4M in revenue
  4. How much funding does New Pig have?

    New Pig has historically raised $0 in funding
  1. Where is New Pig's headquarters?

    New Pig's headquarters is in Tipton Pennsylvania, USA
  2. How many employees does New Pig have?

    New Pig has 74 employees
  3. What sector does New Pig operate in?

    New Pig is in Industrial Suppliers
  4. Who are New Pig's competitors?

    New Pig's top competitors are Spilldam, Spill 911, Justrite Manufacturing Company, L.L.C.