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Molly's Music Blogs

August 28, 2018Molly's Music Blog

Vocal Fringe Techniques: How to Sound Gruff

Singers spend years learning to perfect a crystal clarity that pleases the ear fluidly from low to hi... See more »
August 23, 2018Molly's Music Blog

5 Tips For Learning to Belt

Belt technique is controversial in the voice world. I grew up with the belief that if I did anything ... See more »
August 1, 2018Molly's Music Blog

Student Spotlight: Leah L.

Leah is, without a doubt, one of the strongest people I know. I've watched her in her battle with Lym... See more »
July 25, 2018Molly's Music Blog

What is a Transient Designer

The following was written by Sean, a music producer at Audio Assemble. This is a wonderful article fo... See more »
July 18, 2018Molly's Music Blog

Even More Pop Songs for Kids to Sing

Sabrina Carpenter 12/02/2016 #19 by Justin Higuchi under CC BY 2.0 As we kick off our annual Pop Star... See more »
July 17, 2018Molly's Music Blog

How Often to Practice Music

As a music school, we get questioned all the time about how often to practice music and for how long.... See more »
July 1, 2018Molly's Music Blog

Molly's Music Events

We're excited to announce the following upcoming events at Molly's Music! Summer Singer Bootcamp and ... See more »

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4672 Barranca Pkwy

Irvine, California92604

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Molly's Music was founded in 2005. Molly's Music's headquarters is located in Irvine, California, USA 92604. Molly's Music has an estimated 45 employees and an estimated annual revenue of 5.3M....


Frequently Asked Questions about Molly's Music

  1. When was Molly's Music founded?

    Molly's Music was founded in 2005
  2. How much revenue does Molly's Music generate?

    Molly's Music generates $5.3M in revenue
  3. How much funding does Molly's Music have?

    Molly's Music has historically raised $0 in funding
  1. Where is Molly's Music's headquarters?

    Molly's Music's headquarters is in Irvine California, USA
  2. How many employees does Molly's Music have?

    Molly's Music has 45 employees