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Miller Homes is a provider of home building and commercial property development services in the United Kingdom.

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Chris Endsor


Chris Endsor


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PrivateSubsidiary of Bridgepoint Development Capital

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Diversified Investment Services





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Miller Homes was founded in 1934 and its headquarters is located in Edinburgh, Scotland, GB. Miller Homes has $28.0M in revenue and 250 employees. Miller Homes' top competitors are Leaders, Hurley Palmer Flatt and Unique Living.

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Miller HomesMiller Homes ceo

Chris Endsor


1Leaders ceoLeaders

Paul Weller


2Hurley Palmer Flatt ceoHurley Palmer Flatt

Paul D. Flatt

Chairman & CEO

3Unique Living ceoUnique Living

Serge Cowan

Managing Director

4BML  ceoBML

5Home Hunts - Luxury Property ceoHome Hunts - Luxury Property

Tim Swannie

Managing Director


Jason Beutel


7Approved Inspector Services   ceoApproved Inspector Services

Paul Timmins

Managing Director

8Structural Research ceoStructural Research

Rene Dupuis


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Miller Homes Leadership

Chris Endsor
Chris Endsor


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Miller Homes Blog Home Office Style - Our Tips On Creating A Productive Home SpaceHaving a bright and tidy working environment is the secret to getting your to-do list done. Working from the comfort of your own home is often seen as an advantage as it offers the opportunity for flexibility and efficiency, but if the home office is too casual, or isn't a space where you feel inspired or creative, productivity can plummet.At Miller Homes, we believe that a home office needn't be a dull, corporate looking space, but rather somewhere where you enjoy working each week. Here are just a few of our top tips on how to create the perfect home office. Ditch the clutter Some of us are born neat freaks, but even people who are highly organised can get messy over time, and we're all guilty of keeping too many things on our desk. A tidy desk equals a tidy mind, and this chic rose gold desk tray is not only on trend, but will keep those loose sheets, files and documents neat and organised.Let there be lightLighting is an incredible mood changer and can completely alter the atmosphere of your office space. Try putting your desk near a window for some natural light and fresh air, which will instantly boost your mood and clear your mind ahead of a busy day. This contemporary copper desk lamp is also a great addition to your desk and ideal for late night working.Go greenBringing nature indoors will give your work space some life, and leafy plants are also a great way to add a little pop of colour. Not only do they look lovely, but studies have shown that being around plants improves your psychological health, reduces stress and lifts your mood. A pretty succulent like this Echeveria Sirius is the perfect desk plant as it not only requires minimum care, but looks great too.Stylish StationeryTechnology is a wonderful thing, but sometimes nothing beats good old-fashioned pen and paper. To-do lists and diaries are a great way to organise your day and keep on top of work, and there's no need to worry about battery life or dodgy WIFI! We love this colourful, polka dot list book as it has sticky tabs for each day, meaning you can flag any important jobs and check them off as you go. Picture Perfect For an extra bit of mid-week motivation add a friendly face or two to your desk. These elegant photo frames filled with pictures of loved ones, or even your favourite inspirational quote, are sure to make the working day a little bit easier. Do you work from home and have any tips on styling a home office? We'd love to hear your thoughts! Tweet us at @MillerHomesUK.Miller Homes Blog
Miller Homes Blog How To Create A Nursery Fit For RoyaltyThe countdown to welcome the new royal baby is well underway, and while the world speculates on what majestic moniker will be bestowed upon the new arrival, Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge will be busy adding the finishing touches to their new bundle of joy's nursery. To create the perfect environment for any new cherub, it is important to get your nursery ready in advance of your baby's arrival as you'll have plenty keeping you occupied afterwards. There's lots to consider when designing a nursery such as colours, textiles, accessories and practicalities. Here, we share our top tips to create a nursery fit for royalty. Create a mood boardThe first step is to decide on the all-important theme for the nursery. This could be something as simple as a pastel colour palette or a focus on jungle animals or nature. Whatever your choice, creating a mood board of colours, patterns, textiles and interior ideas is the perfect way to get the creative juices flowing, and ensure that you have an overarching theme in mind when it comes to decorating and dressing the room.Choose the coloursProbably the most important part of the nursery design is the colour of the room. Whether you choose to go for a bright colour like pink, yellow or blue, or opt for a simple white or cream, it's necessary to get the right tones and hues.A sophisticated nursery will have a mix of colours from your chosen palette rather than a single shade throughout. Soft whites and greys complemented by accents of brighter colours offer the perfect combination of neutral shades for a new baby's room. Take time to browse a selection of colours, and don't rush the process as it's a key step.The layoutWhen deciding on the layout of the nursery you should consider many factors. Remember to place your little one's crib away from any areas that receive direct sunlight in the morning or that could be disturbed by outside noise. A rocking chair is an essential addition to a nursery, as you will be spending a lot of time feeding and nursing the baby in there; it's a good idea to put this chair in the window for extra daylight but be conscious that this area may often get too hot for a newborn so invest in some blinds or good quality curtains to shield it.Identify a focal pointMost nurseries are centered around the cot, but there are many other possible focal points to choose from. It could be an armchair in the corner accessorised with cushions and blankets, or a piece of artwork on the wall. Wall art helps to add personality and can save on money if used instead of expensive wallpapers. When choosing artwork, go for simple prints that are not age-specific, as you will want the piece to last as your new addition grows older.Storage, storage, storage It's easy to get caught up in the interior design of the nursery, however it's key not to forget about the practicalities and importance of storage. Why not use a chest or trunk as a piece of furniture doubled up as a storage solution? As long as the chest is muted in tone and not too heavily, it will be a timeless piece that can remain as a storage space for a good few years. Always try to incorporate dual purpose items in the nursery, such as a chest of drawers that doubles as a changing table.Items like muslin cloths and softer accessories could be stored in canvas bags or rope baskets hanging on a door hook; these will add a quirky edge to the room and will be useful if drawer space is tight. If space is not an issue, consider investing in a good quality set of drawers that can be repurposed for an older child's bedroom as your baby grows, or re-used for future children. With the right design, storage can be both a useful and stylish addition to a nursery. Get creative Whilst it's great to keep muted tones throughout and ensure that the nursery can be timeless and adaptable as your child grows older, having a baby is an exciting time in your life and the perfect opportunity to get creative in your home. If you have a bigger budget, you could consider investing in a themed bedroom, however this may only last a few years, or splurge on a special piece of art to commemorate your new arrival. Ultimately, this is your opportunity to do whatever you wish with your baby's room, so it's important to have fun with it.We'd love to see how you've styled your little prince or princess' nursery. Share your interiors with us on Twitter. Miller Homes Blog
Miller Homes posted a video "Newton Park, Cambuslang, Glasgow, Drone Video" on YOUTUBEMiller Homes Youtube Channel
Miller Homes posted a video "Miller Homes - Roe Lee Gardens, Blackburn, CGI Development Tour" on YOUTUBEMiller Homes Youtube Channel
Miller Homes posted a video "Miller Homes - South Gilmerton Brae, Edinburgh - Drone Video" on YOUTUBEMiller Homes Youtube Channel
Miller Homes Blog World Book Day: Design Inspired By A Love Of ReadingWorld Book Day is on March 1st, and inspired by the joy of reading, we've outlined some top literary inspired design tips for your home - all of which incorporate our national love of books! Let children's books inspire design choicesWhether it's 'Peter Rabbit' or 'The Gruffalo', stories capture our children's imagination through their beautiful illustration and tales of mischief and adventure. When designing children's bedrooms, this can be a great way to add a personal touch by creating a mural inspired by their favourite book. You can see how this works in practice at our Highfields development in Tetbury, with the 'Wind in the Willows' feature wall, as seen below.Adults can also take inspiration from beloved stories and classic pieces of literature. By framing a quote or page from your favourite book, you'll be sure to make a statement and bring your walls to life with your favourite written words. For a versatile touch, choose these coasters or place settings to really add style to a room. Create a cosy reading spaceThere is nothing better than curling up with a good book, especially when you dedicate a special place in your home for doing just that. The Danish principle of 'Hygge' is a popular design inspiration, so take a leaf from the Scandi principle of embracing cosiness and create a comforting space with the help of blankets and cushions. For an added feeling of calm, light some scented candles or put up fairy lights to create that all-important relaxing atmosphere. Creative storage solutions Every bookworm needs an endless supply of bookshelves, but what about something a little more visually interesting? There are many options for book storage, from the invisible to book trees, and even these interesting hanging creations. For the real 'wow' factor in your home, create a stairway to literary heaven by utilising what might be an otherwise bare space, and incorporate a bookshelf within your staircase! Up-cycle unwanted books Many of us are guilty of having old books lying around simply gathering dust. If this is the case, perhaps it's time to embrace the up-cycling trend and create an interesting feature in your home, such as this lamp stand.A community book club can be a great way to meet new friends, and what better way to bond with others than over a good read? Celebrate World Book Day by starting a book-trading scheme with friends, so you can discover new favourites and give the gift of a great story to others. For more interior inspiration, visit our Instagram and Facebook pages, or the Miller Homes website. Miller Homes Blog
Miller Homes Blog The Home Of The Legendary Crooked SpireThe town of Chesterfield located on the fringes of the Peak District has much to offer those that choose to call it home.Famous for the Crooked Spire atop the Church of St Mary and All Saints, it is easily spotted on the approach to the town and is always something of talking point for new visitors! Legend has it that the devil has had various hands in making the spire crooked, although practicality suggests that the timbers used to construct the spire should have been dried for longer to prevent the twist that has created this eye-catching spire! MARKET DAYSA traditional market still operates in the town from the dedicated market hall and adjacent open air section, offering a mixture of locally grown fresh produce and other goods to the residents. Established over 800 years ago, it generally takes place each Friday, Saturday and Monday and is a great place to meet local people. THE GREAT OUTDOORSThe delights of the strikingly beautiful Peak District are just minutes' drive away and provide lots of opportunities for walking, exploring pretty villages such as Bakewell and enjoying visitor attractions like the magnificent Chatsworth, with its stately house, gardens and estate. In addition, a section of the Chesterfield Canal has been restored and narrowboat trips along the canal can now be enjoyed. PLEASURE DOING BUSINESSIn recent years' the town and it surrounding area has seen considerable investment from businesses bringing jobs and wealth to the area. This is partly attributed to its fantastic location, just minutes from the main North-South arterial route of the M1 as it bypasses the town just a few miles away from Eyre View. FOOD AND DRINKChesterfield has some fantastic places to eat, drink and be merry. Fischers Hall at nearby Baslow is a Michelin star fine dining restaurant, whilst the ever popular Nonna's Italian on Chatsworth Road continues to delight. That said, there are endless eateries to cater for all tastes and budgets making 'popping out for a bite to eat' a pleasure. As Chesterfield continues to prosper one thing is for certain - there has never been a better time to choose it as your home - it really is the place to be.Miller Homes Blog
Miller Homes Blog The Perfect Coffee Table Books To Impress Your FriendsWhen it comes to decorating, coffee table books can be a piece of art in themselves and are a quick and super chic way to enhance your d&eacute;cor. Books that reflect your personal style are the perfect way to impress your guests and instantly transform any surface of your home. We've rounded up our must-have coffee table books. But these stunning additions aren't limited to just coffee tables, they'll also add a statement to a bookshelf, side table, or a bar cart. For creative inspirationDo One Thing Every Day That Inspires You is jam packed full of inspiration, from stimulating tasks designed to push your creative boundaries, to encouraging quotes of wisdom from famous writers, designers and artists. With plenty of space for you to jot down your own inspirational ramblings, this is a great little book to pick up every now and again when in need of some creativity. For wanderersWhen it comes to organising weekend trips throughout Europe, look no further than The New York Times: 36 Hours, 125 Weekends in Europe. This is the holy grail of European travel planners and features 125 weekend trips in total, all of which reveal the expected and unexpected places to travel through the continent. This is the perfect addition to coffee tables for both tourists and well-worn travellers and comes complete with breath-taking imagery from across Europe. For budding photographersPhotography books are the perfect accompaniment to a cup of tea or coffee and are guaranteed to impress your guests. One of our top choices is Women in Trees. This striking book features the best vintage photographs of women in trees. Sounds odd - but after discovering a curious behaviour that overcame women from 1920s to the 1950s, German collector Jochen Raiss is bringing the phenomenon to light.From jolly climbers to posed portraits, each shot has a story to tell, and gives a lesson on the importance of life's little joys. For foodies No coffee table is complete without an eye-catching cookbook and we love this beautifully illustrated one from Leon. Family & Friends is published by the healthy fast food restaurant chain Leon, and contains hundreds of recipes for flavourful, nutritious meals that won't take hours to prepare.Leon Family & Friends will inspire your next family meal at home and celebrates the power of food to bring people together. For interior inspirationWhether you're looking for an intriguing coffee-table book to occupy your guests or searching for inspiration for your next redesign, Black and White (and a Bit in Between) is sure to fit the bill-and look pretty on your table while doing so.This book features more than 100 impeccably designed spaces and its beautiful illustrations show how acclaimed interior designers use this classic colour palette in bold and unexpected ways. A new home is the perfect blank canvas for decorating. We'd love to see how you've styled your coffee table this year - share your favourite books with us on Twitter @MillerHomesUK.Miller Homes Blog
Miller Homes: Miller Homes pledges £274,500 to develop local communityMiller Homes Midlands is investing over a quarter of a million pounds into the local community as part of its upcoming development in the market town of Melbourne, South Derbyshire. Ahead of the launch of Victoria Gardens in July, the leading housebuilder's contribution will be used to support a range of projects including improvements to [...]East Midlands Business LInk
Miller Homes Blog Money Saving Life HacksLooking to save money for your first home? There's no denying that changing your lifestyle to save more money can be tough, so we've put together a few simple swaps and changes you can make which could see those pennies turn into pounds! Office LunchesThose sandwiches and salads from the local caf&eacute; may be delicious, but they eat up money! We pay a hefty price for convenience, so why not give up buying food when you're at the office for good? Instead, prepare your lunches at home from scratch - not only will you save money, but you can create your own ultimate lunches with all of your favourite flavours packed in to one. Bottled WaterInstead of buying a bottle of water when you're thirsty, invest in your own reusable water bottle and re-fill from the tap. If you're not keen on the tap water where you live, did you know that you can buy water bottles with in-built filters? You can feel extra smug knowing that you're helping to protect the planet too. Buying SmallIt may sound counter-intuitive to buy your necessities in larger quantities, but in the long run you will be saving money! Buying non-perishable items which you know you will always use such as kitchen roll, dishwasher tablets or hand soap in bulk is cheaper than buying individually as and when. RestaurantsWhy not halve the number of restaurant visits you make? There's no denying that a delicious meal out at your favourite restaurant is just the ticket for special occasions, but don't give in and eat out if you're simply feeling tired or don't feel like cooking. Instead of going out for dinner on a Thursday night or going for your weekend brunch, save yourself a whole load of cash by eating at home - you can find loads of quick and easy meals which you can whip up in less than 20 minutes on the BBC Good Food website. Takeout... And when we say eating at home, we don't mean reaching for the takeaway menus either! Takeaway food may be tempting after a long day, but it's money that could be better spent! drain. Don't worry, you don't have to go without your pizza, curry or kebab - you can re-create your own at home. There are plenty of recipe books out there explaining how to cook your own, which are usually healthier too! The GymNow, we're not telling everyone to quit the gym - obviously keeping healthy is extremely important. But if you took out that membership in at the start of January and have only actually been one or twice, that gym membership is just not worth the money. Be brave and quit, and challenge yourself to get fit at home, whether it's a jog around the park or a dance workout in your living room. Night OutsPainful high heels, long taxi queues, ridiculously expensive drinks... Let's be honest, going for a night out isn't always what it's cracked up to be. So instead of spending your hard-earned cash on a night out, why not host your own night in at home? Invite your friends over for a movie night, game night or dinner party at home. Online OrdersOnline shopping has made our lives so much easier - we can order next week's food shopping, pre-order our favourite DVDs and books, and buy entire outfits at the click of a button. The only problem is, we can be tempted by extra offers and add more to our baskets than we'd originally intended! We hope we've given you a little bit of inspiration for easy lifestyle changes you can make to save money - if you're looking to save for a house, check out our Money Matters page to find out more about how you can turn your dream in to a reality.Miller Homes Blog



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Miller Homes is a provider of home building and commercial property development services in the United Kingdom. Miller Homes was founded in 1934. Miller Homes' headquarters is located in Edinburgh, Scotland, GB EH12 9DH. Miller Homes' CEO, Chris Endsor, currently has an approval rating of 100%. Miller Homes has an estimated 250 employees and an estimated annual revenue of 28.0M.

Miller Homes's CEO, Chris Endsor, currently has an approval rating of 100%. Miller Homes's primary competitors are  Leaders Hurley Palmer Flatt Unique Living.

Visit the Miller Homes website to learn more.