Microlise is a transportation management solutions provider. Read more

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Microlise is a transportation management solutions provider. Read more

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Nadeem Raza

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Isotrak has been one of Microlise 's top competitors. Isotrak is a Private company that was founded in 1999 in Northampton, England. Isotrak operates in the Technology Hardware industry. Compared to Microlise , Isotrak has 230 fewer employees.

Roadsense is seen as one of Microlise 's biggest rivals. Roadsense is a Private company that was founded in Birmingham, England in 2012. Like Microlise , Roadsense also competes in the Systems Software sector. Roadsense has 305 fewer employees vs. Microlise .

Ram Tracking is perceived as one of Microlise 's biggest rivals. Ram Tracking was founded in Leeds, England} in 2004. Like Microlise , Ram Tracking also operates in the Systems Software sector. Compared to Microlise , Ram Tracking generates $53.9M less revenue.


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Trackm8  is an England-based big data compnay that provides fleet management, route planning, and related solutions for industries such as automotive and coverage sectors.
Dec 05, 2018

Microlise News

November 25, 2020Logistics Business

Support Connected Manufacturing

Microlise has joined manufacturers' organisation MAKE UK, becoming a member alongside the UK's leadin... See more »
November 5, 2020Telematics Wire

Microlise plays key role in consortium developing innovative eBSA Motorcycle

Microlise has been selected as a member of the design and development consortium in collaboration wit... See more »
August 6, 2020Transport Engineer

Microlise announces drivers of the year

A trio of drivers from Culina Logistics, Gist and Yodel have scooped the distance categories in the M... See more »
July 7, 2020Transport Engineer

First awards announced in 2020 Microlise Driver of the Year competition

Drivers from Forterra Building Products and Boughey Distribution have been named in the Microlise Dri... See more »
May 14, 2020Transport Engineer

Microlise keeps calm and carries on during COVID-19 pandemic

Telematics firm Microlise has continued to deliver essential engineering support services to customer... See more »
May 12, 2020Prime Mover Magazine

Microlise launches integrated Planning & Optimisation solution

Software company, Microlise, has launched Planning & Optimisation, a feature-rich planning and optimi... See more »
April 13, 2020East Midlands Business LInk

Microlise provides free tracking, optimisation & communication solutions to organisations involved in pandemic effort

To support what is now a massive humanitarian and logistical effort, and for as long as the COVID-19 ... See more »

Microlise Blogs

February 3, 2021Microlise Blog

How Connected Technology & IIoT Can Transform Your Distribution Network

Your manufacturers represent your brand in the marketplace and are on the frontline when it comes to ... See more »
February 2, 2021Microlise Blog

90-Day Grace Period for DVS/Safe System Components Announced

Due to current delays in the shipping of components, operators are being strongly urged to 'order now... See more »
January 26, 2021Microlise Blog

Microlise Driver Of The Year Awards 2021 - Celebrate and Reward Your Drivers

The Microlise Driver of the Year awards celebrate the men and women that our industry is built on. ... See more »
January 21, 2021Microlise Blog

Over 100,000 HGVs Operating in London Have No Direct Vision Standard Permit

According to recent data from Transport for London (TfL), more than 100,000 HGVs on London's roads ar... See more »
January 12, 2021Microlise Blog

Product Insight: Planning & Optimisation

The rise in fast delivery models for everything from grocery and gardening supplies to high-end fashi... See more »
January 6, 2021Microlise Blog

Why Has Microlise Joined Make UK?

Microlise has been supporting manufacturers since the 1990s, helping them to drive efficiencies wit... See more »
December 21, 2020Microlise Blog

Product Release: 20.12

And so for the final product release of 2020. New features have been introduced alongside enhancement... See more »

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Nottingham, EnglandNG16 3AG


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Microlise is a transportation management solutions provider. Microlise was founded in 1982. Microlise 's headquarters is located in Nottingham, England, GB NG16 3AG. Microlise 's CEO, Nadeem Raza, currently has an approval rating of 76%. 100% of the...


Microlise 's CEO, Nadeem Raza, currently has an approval rating of 76%. Microlise 's primary competitors are Isotrak, Roadsense & Ram Tracking.



Frequently Asked Questions about Microlise

  1. When was Microlise founded?

    Microlise was founded in 1982
  2. Who is Microlise 's CEO?

    Microlise 's CEO is Nadeem Raza
  3. How much revenue does Microlise generate?

    Microlise generates $62.8M in revenue
  4. How much funding does Microlise have?

    Microlise has historically raised $0 in funding
  5. Where is Microlise 's headquarters?

    Microlise 's headquarters is in Nottingham England, GB
  1. How many employees does Microlise have?

    Microlise has 347 employees
  2. What sector does Microlise operate in?

    Microlise is in Systems Software, Application Software, Enterprise Software
  3. Who are Microlise 's competitors?

    Microlise 's top competitors are Isotrak, Roadsense, Ram Tracking
  4. Who has Microlise invested in?

    Microlise 's has invested in companies such as Trakm8