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McGraw Hill Acquisitions

McGraw Hill has acquired 7 companies and its latest acquisition was Boards And Beyond on Dec 2022

Boards And Beyond

Dec 2022

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Boards and Beyond is a Connecticut-based educational technology platform that offers on-demand video libraries and study materials for medical students.
Achieve3000, Inc.

Aug 2021

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Achieve3000 is a New Jersey-based learning platform that offers solutions including instruction and learning acceleration for PreK-12 students.
Triad Interactive, Inc.

May 2021

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Triad Interactive is a District of Columbia-based E-learning platform developer providing online Microsoft Office training and assessment solutions to students.
Kidaptive, Inc.

Mar 2021

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Kidaptive is a California-based adaptive learning platform that allows users to create personalized educational content for students.
Redbird Advanced Learning

Oct 2016

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Redbird Advanced Learning is an eLearning technology company that designs, develops, builds and delivers digital curriculum solutions for schools.

Frequently Asked Questions about McGraw Hill

  1. What companies did McGraw Hill acquire?

    Companies acquired by McGraw Hill include Boards And Beyond, Achieve3000 and Triad Interactive
  2. How many acquisitions does McGraw Hill have?

    McGraw Hill has acquired 7 companies including Boards And Beyond, Achieve3000 and Triad Interactive.
  1. How many acquisitions did McGraw Hill make in 2022?

    In 2022 McGraw Hill acquired 1 companies including Boards And Beyond.