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Melissa Pharr is a Private company. Melissa Pharr has an estimated revenue of <$1M and an estimate of less <10 employees.

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January 7, 2021Melissa Pharr Blog

{Part I: Inside} My 2 steps for profitably bringing on clients in Q1 + FREE coaching from me

Happy New Year! We made it through 2020 and I'd love to start off this year with you by sharing my 2 ... See more »
December 23, 2020Melissa Pharr Blog

Happy Holidays and good wishes to you and yours!

2020 has got me thinking - more than ever- about the things that I'm so very grateful for in my life,... See more »
November 24, 2020Melissa Pharr Blog

Wishing you a truly meaningful Thursday

If I can be honest with you, this Thanksgiving feels stranger to me then ever. A bit lonelier, too. (... See more »
November 4, 2020Melissa Pharr Blog

How to handle uncertainty and hang in there during a waiting period

How's it going over there? Are you having a moment? A moment that feels uncertain or like you're play... See more »
August 7, 2020Melissa Pharr Blog

Part 2: 6 Steps to a Sold Out Launch

Remember those first 3 steps to a sold out program launch that I shared with you last week? Check out... See more »
July 31, 2020Melissa Pharr Blog

Launching a product, program, or course + What's working right now

6 Steps to Nailing Your Online Launch - Part One I can't begin to tell you how often I hear online en... See more »
July 9, 2020Melissa Pharr Blog

Feedback Forever!

Have you ever felt afraid to ask your clients for feedback? What if they tell you that they're seriou... See more »

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Frequently Asked Questions about Melissa Pharr

  1. How much revenue does Melissa Pharr generate?

    Melissa Pharr generates $ < 1M in revenue
  2. How much funding does Melissa Pharr have?

    Melissa Pharr has historically raised $0 in funding
  1. How many employees does Melissa Pharr have?

    Melissa Pharr has 0 employees