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eBarang has been one of Malloom's top competitors. eBarang was founded in 2013, and is headquartered in Auckland, Auckland Region. eBarang competes in the Apparel Retail industry. eBarang generates $264.2K more revenue vs. Malloom.

Banggood is a top competitor of Malloom. Banggood is a Private company that was founded in London, England in 2006. Banggood competes in the Computer & Electronics Retail field. Banggood has 443 more employees vs. Malloom.

Gearbest is perceived as one of Malloom's biggest rivals. Gearbest was founded in 2013, and its headquarters is in Alicante, Alicante. Gearbest is in the Logistics, Wholesalers & Retail Distributors industry. Gearbest has 485 more employees than Malloom.


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Malloom has an estimated 8 employees and an estimated annual revenue of 635.8K....

Frequently Asked Questions about Malloom

  1. How much revenue does Malloom generate?

    Malloom generates $ < 1M in revenue
  2. How much funding does Malloom have?

    Malloom has historically raised $0 in funding
  1. How many employees does Malloom have?

    Malloom has 8 employees
  2. Who are Malloom's competitors?

    Malloom's top competitors are eBarang, Banggood, Gearbest