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Maceeleigh Blogs

July 27, 2016Macee Leigh Blog

They're Here!! They're Here!!!

Late Nights, long days and lots of love debuts today as we unveil our newest category at Macee Leigh!... See more »
July 26, 2016Macee Leigh Blog

The Wait is Almost Over!

As most people know, Tammy and I decided a few months back to close Macee Leigh LLC to new Specialist... See more »
July 13, 2016Macee Leigh Blog

Sorry To See You Go... Not Really

I know y'all like to hear a tidbit here and there of the 'behind the scenes' at ML. This was on my mi... See more »
June 19, 2014Macee Leigh Blog

The Dueling Duo Behind Macee Leigh

Slowly but surely, we are getting our boutique up and running, we are playing with different items to... See more »
June 18, 2014Macee Leigh Blog

Why Midi Rings are More Tempting than Cinnamon Rolls!

If you were lucky enough to participate in our online Facebook Party earlier tonight, you will have h... See more »

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109 Fair St

McMinnville, Tennessee37110

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Maceeleigh was founded in 2014. Maceeleigh's headquarters is located in McMinnville, Tennessee, USA 37110. Maceeleigh has an estimated 45 employees and an estimated annual revenue of 4.0M....


Frequently Asked Questions about Maceeleigh

  1. When was Maceeleigh founded?

    Maceeleigh was founded in 2014
  2. How much revenue does Maceeleigh generate?

    Maceeleigh generates $4M in revenue
  3. How much funding does Maceeleigh have?

    Maceeleigh has historically raised $0 in funding
  1. Where is Maceeleigh's headquarters?

    Maceeleigh's headquarters is in McMinnville Tennessee, USA
  2. How many employees does Maceeleigh have?

    Maceeleigh has 45 employees