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Language Audiobooks offers tips for getting a bang for Learners Language Buck. Read more

Language Audiobooks offers tips for getting a bang for Learners Language Buck. Read more

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Mark Frobose

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Languageaudiobooks Press Releases

March 30, 2015PRWEB

SOCKS Spanish Video Just Released on YouTube

According to, if a person can spell S.O.C.K.S., then that person can speak Spa... See more »
March 11, 2015PRWEB

Power French Accelerated Levels 2 & 3 Just Released by Language Audiobooks Inc. and Now Available for Sale at

Bestselling Foreign Language Program Creator Mark Frobose Announces Release of Much Anticipated Inter... See more »
February 12, 2015PRWEB Announces Release of New Android and iOS Language Apps

New Android and iOS Language Apps Make Learning Spanish, French, Italian, German, Mandarin Chinese, R... See more »
January 31, 2015PRWEB

New Smartphone Language Learning App Just Released to Public Announces CEO of

New App Features Free Audio Lessons in Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Russian, & Manda... See more »
January 12, 2015PRWEB

Hottest New Trend in Language Learning? Announces Record Sales of Its Smartphone-Friendly Language Programs

CEO of Says Sales of Their Totally Portable All-Audio Language Programs Are At... See more »
January 11, 2015PRWEB

Hot Smartphone Friendly Language Programs Selling Like Hotcakes First Week of 2015, Reports CEO of

Power French, Power Spanish, Spanish Sentence Magic, Portuguese Sentence Magic, Mandarin Sentence Mag... See more »
December 20, 2014PRWEB

Language Program Sale at - All Digital Power Language Programs Deeply Discounted for Christmas Delivery Announces Language Audiobooks CEO CEO Mark Frobose Announces Christmas Sale of Power Spanish, Power French, Powe... See more »

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Language Audiobooks offers tips for getting a bang for Learners Language Buck. Languageaudiobooks was founded in 01/1982. Languageaudiobooks' headquarters is located in Champaign, Illinois, USA 61820. Languageaudiobooks' Founder & CEO, Mark Frobose, ...


Languageaudiobooks's Founder & CEO, Mark Frobose, currently has an approval rating of 70%. Languageaudiobooks's primary competitors are


Frequently Asked Questions about Languageaudiobooks

  1. When was Languageaudiobooks founded?

    Languageaudiobooks was founded in 01/1982
  2. Who is Languageaudiobooks's CEO?

    Languageaudiobooks's CEO is Mark Frobose
  3. How much revenue does Languageaudiobooks generate?

    Languageaudiobooks generates $44.9M in revenue
  1. How much funding does Languageaudiobooks have?

    Languageaudiobooks has historically raised $0 in funding
  2. Where is Languageaudiobooks's headquarters?

    Languageaudiobooks's headquarters is in Champaign Illinois, USA
  3. How many employees does Languageaudiobooks have?

    Languageaudiobooks has 70 employees