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K.p. Lamarco Blogs

April 20, 2016K.p. Lamarco Blog

How to Repair a Casement Window Crank

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April 11, 2016K.p. Lamarco Blog

How to Remove Mold from Windows

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April 11, 2016K.p. Lamarco Blog

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Roof Repairs in CT?

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April 6, 2016K.p. Lamarco Blog

How to Remove Window Sashes for Cleaning and Maintenance

There may be times when it will be necessary to remove window sashes. For example, you may need to re... See more »
March 30, 2016K.p. Lamarco Blog

What Causes Condensation between Window Panes?

Insulated windows have two or more panes of glass that are bonded to each other and separated by a sp... See more »
March 24, 2016K.p. Lamarco Blog

Window Safety Tips for Your Family

With spring weather here, people will be leaving their windows open to allow fresh air into their hom... See more »
March 17, 2016K.p. Lamarco Blog

Should You Invest in Soundproof Windows?

For people who live in urban areas or near highways or airports, noise pollution can be a problem. Lo... See more »

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83 Turkey Hill Rd

Chester, Connecticut06412

(203) 415-6773

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K.p. Lamarco's headquarters is located in Chester, Connecticut, USA 06412. K.p. Lamarco has an estimated 51 employees and an estimated annual revenue of 3.7M....



Frequently Asked Questions about K.p. Lamarco

  1. How much revenue does K.p. Lamarco generate?

    K.p. Lamarco generates $3.7M in revenue
  2. How much funding does K.p. Lamarco have?

    K.p. Lamarco has historically raised $0 in funding
  3. Where is K.p. Lamarco's headquarters?

    K.p. Lamarco's headquarters is in Chester Connecticut, USA
  1. How many employees does K.p. Lamarco have?

    K.p. Lamarco has 51 employees
  2. What sector does K.p. Lamarco operate in?

    K.p. Lamarco is in Residential Services