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Koa is a private equity firm that invests in early and growth stage technology companies.

Koa is a Private company. Koa...
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Spike is a SaaS-based platform that provides conversational email messaging solutions for businesses and individuals.
Mar 26, 2019

Koa News

March 28, 2019CTech

Email App Startup Spike Raises $5 Million

Spike develops a mobile application that puts existing e-mails into a multimedia mobile messaging, ch... See more »

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November 21, 2018Koa Blog

Carta is a "no brainer" for equity & fund management.

Use Carta for Equity Management. Continue reading →... See more »
October 26, 2018Koa Blog


Last week I received this email from my friend Rana El Kaliouby - the Co-Founder/CEO at Affectiva : ... See more »
September 29, 2018Koa Blog

Christopher Ahlberg : Old Man

Over the past 30 years, I've had a chance to work with some amazing entrepreneurs - many of whom have... See more »
August 28, 2018Koa Blog

Most entrepreneurs (including myself) are not in their '20s….

A post by Meredith Somers @ MIT last week here caused me to think about my own entrepreneurial journe... See more »
August 20, 2018Koa Blog

Patent Troll Reform Vetoed by Governor Baker - onto next legislative session…

As many of you know by now, Governor Baker vetoed the legislation - bill S.2622 - that would have ens... See more »
August 1, 2018Koa Blog

Another step closer to patent troll reform

Thanks to all who have supported S.2622. Late last night the Mass Legislature passed the anti-troll l... See more »
July 28, 2018Koa Blog

Patent Troll Reform - next steps after Senate victory this past week

Thanks to everyone who provided their support last week regarding the Patent Troll reform legislation... See more »

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1430 Massachusetts Ave # 6 6th Floor

Cambridge, Massachusetts02138

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Koa is a private equity firm that invests in early and growth stage technology companies.Koa 's headquarters is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA 02138. Koa has an estimated 52 employees and an estimated annual revenue of 11.6M....



Frequently Asked Questions about Koa

  1. How much revenue does Koa generate?

    Koa generates $11.6M in revenue
  2. How much funding does Koa have?

    Koa has historically raised $0 in funding
  3. Where is Koa 's headquarters?

    Koa 's headquarters is in Cambridge Massachusetts, USA
  1. How many employees does Koa have?

    Koa has 52 employees
  2. What sector does Koa operate in?

    Koa is in Systems Software
  3. Who has Koa invested in?

    Koa 's has invested in companies such as Spike