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Jennifer Beckstrand Blogs

April 15, 2019Jennifer Beckstrand Blog

May Peace Fill Your Heart This Easter Week

I heard this song in church a few months ago, and the message was so beautiful, I wanted to share it ... See more »
April 8, 2019Jennifer Beckstrand Blog

The Gold Diggers Book Collection!

I&#8217;m writing a Western! And you are going to love it! I am so excited to announce that I am goin... See more »
April 1, 2019Jennifer Beckstrand Blog

More Quilts Disliked by Joshua: Jelly Roll Races, Again

&#124; by Allison Sharp, Jennifer&#8217;s sister &#124; I know: You&#8217;re thinking, first, who&#82... See more »
March 5, 2019Jennifer Beckstrand Blog

Sweet as Honey–Walmart Special Edition

I have some exciting news. Starting March 1, Walmart is now offering Sweet as Honey, the first book i... See more »
February 25, 2019Jennifer Beckstrand Blog

A New Contest!

I&#8217;m celebrating 3000 Facebook likes with a giveaway! Forgive me if I&#8217;m a little giddy. It... See more »
November 12, 2018Jennifer Beckstrand Blog

Deer Oh Deer

&#124; By Richard Gappmayer, Jennifer’s dad &#124; Our hometown is a beautiful place to live. My wife... See more »
November 5, 2018Jennifer Beckstrand Blog

Yum! Banana Muffins

&#124; By Nicole Thorpe, Jennifer’s daughter &#124; It&#8217;s FALL y&#8217;all!  We moved down south... See more »

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Jennifer Beckstrand has an estimated 6 employees and an estimated annual revenue of 24.7K....

Frequently Asked Questions about Jennifer Beckstrand

  1. How much revenue does Jennifer Beckstrand generate?

    Jennifer Beckstrand generates $ < 1M in revenue
  2. How much funding does Jennifer Beckstrand have?

    Jennifer Beckstrand has historically raised $0 in funding
  1. How many employees does Jennifer Beckstrand have?

    Jennifer Beckstrand has 6 employees