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Itsasap Acquisitions

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Itsasap Funding History

Itsasap has participated in 1 round of funding. In total Itsasap has raised $350.0K. Itsasap's funding round was on Apr 2020 for a total of $350.0K





Debt - PPP (CARES Act)
Apr 2020
$350K - $1M

U.S. Small Business Administration.

Itsasap has participated in 1 round of funding. In total Itsasap has raised $350.0K. Itsasap's funding round was on Apr 2020 for a total of $350.0K

Itsasap Investments

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Itsasap Blogs

March 23, 2021Intelligent Technical Solutions Blog

15 Ways to Protect Your Business from Cyber Attack [Video]

Worried about the increasing cyber crimes brought about by the pandemic and the sudden transformation... See more »
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Why Should I Invest in Managed IT Services?

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Response Times and Recovery: The Truth about Cloud Services When Disaster Strikes

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SpyWare, Malware, Ransomware? Where do I start?

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Itsasap Press Releases

December 20, 2018MarketersMedia

Intelligent Technical Solutions Announces Merge with Prominent IT Companies

Intelligent Technical Solutions announces their merge with In House Techies and Proactive Networks th... See more »
January 3, 2017PRWeb

Intelligent Technical Solutions Merges with Proactive Networks to Fuel Rapid Growth and Improve Customer Support

Las Vegas-based Intelligent Technical Solutions and Pasadena-based Proactive Networks now positioned ... See more »
July 6, 2015PRWEB

Las Vegas Businesses Face The Most Serious IT Threat Of 2015 Which Could Result In Financial Loss & Fines.

Intelligent Technical solutions announces Vegas businesses running Windows server 2003 face the most ... See more »
June 6, 2014PRLOG

Intelligent Technical Solutions Engages Strategic Partnerships to Offer Fiber Internet in Las Vegas

Intelligent Technical Solutions of Las Vegas has partnered with the big Fiber Internet providers to o... See more »

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Itsasap Headquarters

3330 W Desert Inn Rd Suite B

Las Vegas, Nevada89102


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Itsasap's headquarters is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA 89102. It has raised 350.0K in 1 round. The latest round was in Apr 2020. Itsasap's primary investor is U.S. Small Business Administration.. Itsasap has an estimated 27 employees and an estim...


Frequently Asked Questions about Itsasap

  1. How much revenue does Itsasap generate?

    Itsasap generates $4.5M in revenue
  2. How much funding does Itsasap have?

    Itsasap has historically raised $350K in funding
  3. Where is Itsasap's headquarters?

    Itsasap's headquarters is in Las Vegas Nevada, USA
  1. How many employees does Itsasap have?

    Itsasap has 27 employees
  2. What sector does Itsasap operate in?

    Itsasap is in IT Consulting, IT Services