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Intergraphic Designs

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Ricardo Arce

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Paprika is seen as one of Intergraphic Designs's top competitors. Paprika was founded in San Jose, San Jose} in 2012. Paprika is in the Publishing industry. Compared to Intergraphic Designs, Paprika generates $4.7M less revenue.

77Digital is Intergraphic Designs's #2 competitor. 77Digital was founded in 2011, and its headquarters is in Rowlett, Texas. 77Digital competes in the Internet Software industry. 77Digital has 14 fewer employees than Intergraphic Designs.

Pixel506 is Intergraphic Designs's #3 rival. Pixel506 is headquartered in New York, New York, and was founded in null. Pixel506 operates in the industry. Pixel506 generates 21% the revenue of Intergraphic Designs.

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San Jose, Costa Rica 425mts sur de la Iglesia Católica de Tibás

Tibás, San Jose81-1100 TI

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InterGraphicDESIGNS is a digital marketing agency based in Costa Rica. Intergraphic Designs was founded in 2002. Intergraphic Designs' headquarters is located in Tibás, San Jose, CR 81-1100 TI. Intergraphic Designs' Co-Founder, Ricardo Arce, currentl...


Intergraphic Designs's Co-Founder, Ricardo Arce, currently has an approval rating of 68%. Intergraphic Designs's primary competitors are Paprika, 77Digital & Pixel506.

Frequently Asked Questions about Intergraphic Designs

  1. When was Intergraphic Designs founded?

    Intergraphic Designs was founded in 2002
  2. Who is Intergraphic Designs's CEO?

    Intergraphic Designs's CEO is Ricardo Arce
  3. How much revenue does Intergraphic Designs generate?

    Intergraphic Designs generates $5.7M in revenue
  4. How much funding does Intergraphic Designs have?

    Intergraphic Designs has historically raised $0 in funding
  1. Where is Intergraphic Designs's headquarters?

    Intergraphic Designs's headquarters is in Tibás San Jose, CR
  2. How many employees does Intergraphic Designs have?

    Intergraphic Designs has 70 employees
  3. What sector does Intergraphic Designs operate in?

    Intergraphic Designs is in Digital Marketing
  4. Who are Intergraphic Designs's competitors?

    Intergraphic Designs's top competitors are Paprika, 77Digital, Pixel506