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Heskins Llc.

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Anti Slip Tape Shop is one of Heskins Llc.'s top rivals. Anti Slip Tape Shop is a Private company that was founded in null in Butler, Pennsylvania. Anti Slip Tape Shop competes in the industry. Compared to Heskins Llc., Anti Slip Tape Shop has 3 more employees.

Verniertape is seen as one of Heskins Llc.'s biggest rivals. Verniertape was founded in null in Clearfield, Pennsylvania. Verniertape is in the industry. Verniertape generates $ less revenue than Heskins Llc..

Packaging4Bookstores is one of Heskins Llc.'s top competitors. Packaging4Bookstores was founded in 1963, and its headquarters is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Packaging4Bookstores is in the field.


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Heskins Llc. Blogs

December 20, 2017Heskins Blog

Heskins Marine Tape Used for Windsurfing Boom

Heskins offers several products for various applications. We recently had an inquiry for our marine g... See more »
November 28, 2017Heskins Blog

Heskins Sends Relief to Hurricane Victims

Many families are still struggling to regain their possessions back after the several vicious hurrica... See more »
November 15, 2017Heskins Blog

TackyGrip used as Rug Liner

Many of our Anti Slip materials have multiple uses and TackyGrip is no exception. As it is a newer ma... See more »
October 23, 2017Heskins Blog

Heskins Safety Grip Appears at Red Bull Cliff Diving Competition

The Red Bull Cliff diving competition is one of the most elite World Series imagined where experience... See more »
October 2, 2017Heskins Blog

OSHA Regulations for Floor Marking

When marking your facility, it is crucial to follow OSHA's guidelines to increase safety, awareness a... See more »
September 21, 2017Heskins Blog

New DOT C2 Aluminum Plates Now Available

Heskins now offers self-mountable DOT C2 aluminum backed strips! This product is ideal for quick repl... See more »
August 30, 2017Heskins Blog

New Anti Slip Tape Laser Cutting Services

As an ever growing company, we are constantly performing R&D to ensure we stay on top of the anti-sli... See more »

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Heskins Llc. Headquarters

PO Box 559

East Butler, Pennsylvania16029

877 900 8359

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Heskins Llc. Summary



Heskins Llc.'s headquarters is located in East Butler, Pennsylvania, USA 16029. Heskins Llc. has an estimated 27 employees and an estimated annual revenue of 614.3K....



Frequently Asked Questions about Heskins Llc.

  1. How much revenue does Heskins Llc. generate?

    Heskins Llc. generates $ < 1M in revenue
  2. How much funding does Heskins Llc. have?

    Heskins Llc. has historically raised $0 in funding
  3. Where is Heskins Llc.'s headquarters?

    Heskins Llc.'s headquarters is in East Butler Pennsylvania, USA
  1. How many employees does Heskins Llc. have?

    Heskins Llc. has 27 employees
  2. Who are Heskins Llc.'s competitors?

    Heskins Llc.'s top competitors are Anti Slip Tape Shop, Verniertape, Packaging4Bookstores