Hamamatsu Acquisitions

Hamamatsu has acquired 2 companies and its latest acquisition was NKT Photonics A/S on Jun 2022

NKT Photonics A/S

Jun 2022

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NKT Photonics is a Denmark-based company that manufactures fiber lasers and photonic crystal fibers for industries such as aerospace and medical.
Energetiq Technology, Inc.

Sep 2017

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Energetiq is a developer and manufacturer of ultra-bright broadband light sources for materials sciences and semiconductor manufacturing industries.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hamamatsu

  1. What companies did Hamamatsu acquire?

    Companies acquired by Hamamatsu include NKT Photonics and Energetiq
  2. How many acquisitions does Hamamatsu have?

    Hamamatsu has acquired 2 companies including NKT Photonics and Energetiq.
  1. How many acquisitions did Hamamatsu make in 2022?

    In 2022 Hamamatsu acquired 1 companies including NKT Photonics.