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67 Beaver Ave

Annandale, New Jersey08801

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The Genusys Group was founded in 1998. The Genusys Group's headquarters is located in Annandale, New Jersey, USA 08801. The Genusys Group has an estimated 24 employees and an estimated annual revenue of 3.5M....


Frequently Asked Questions about The Genusys Group

  1. When was The Genusys Group founded?

    The Genusys Group was founded in 1998
  2. How much revenue does The Genusys Group generate?

    The Genusys Group generates $3.5M in revenue
  3. How much funding does The Genusys Group have?

    The Genusys Group has historically raised $0 in funding
  1. Where is The Genusys Group's headquarters?

    The Genusys Group's headquarters is in Annandale New Jersey, USA
  2. How many employees does The Genusys Group have?

    The Genusys Group has 24 employees